What do you dream about?

Whatever it is, you can bring it to life on a piece of paper! It’s totally amazing how we can create entire worlds with the help of a couple of markers. In dark times we draw to comfort ourselves, and in the brightest times, we draw to express our happiness. Drawing and painting can transport us to magical, wonderful lands! With the chaos and craziness that we face living in the real world, we hope that our art supplies can bring you back to a child-like state of awe and wonder.



What is Ohuhu?

We want to bring dreamers and creatives together through artistic expression. The name “Ohuhu” is inspired by the colorful Hawaiian island of Oahu with bright blue skies, verdant rainforests, and kaleidoscopic flowers. Our equally vibrant art supplies are created with every level of the artist in mind. We’re especially proud of our signature art markers and the fact that they come in more colors than any other marker set in the world! Whether you are just beginning to put brush to canvas, or you’ve created hundreds of imaginary worlds in your sketchbook, you’ll get the feeling of being in your own personal art studio with our wallet-friendly markers, brushes, pens, and more! By sharing our love for art with you, we want to encourage everyone to Paint-up Inspiration!



Why Ohuhu?


1. Join a Community of Dreamers

Are you a dreamer? We are. Once upon a time, we imagined a company that lets artists pursue their passions without emptying the piggy bank. With some persistence, artistic know-how, and a little bit of luck, a tight-knit team of us built Ohuhu into what it is today. We are painters, sketchers, and illustrators just like you who want to improve the way we create by making high-quality art supplies available for everyone. After all, every great artist was once an amateur and every amateur has a shot at becoming a great artist. By following our dreams, we have created a tight-knit group of fans and followers that we love hearing from and talking to. We care deeply about community suggestions — they will always be a part of our business model. We have made several product decisions based on feedback from people just like you.

Ohuhu Hawaii.jpg


2. An Innovative Nature

Affordable art supplies don’t have to cut corners on quality. No matter which product you choose from our lineup, we promise that you’ll never think “gee, this feels cheap.” All of our brushes and markers have an exclusively designed shell casing to give you the most luxuriously comfortable grip that lasts all day. What’s more, the ink we use is self-contained right in our factory. This means that the chance of batch micro-variations that you might see in other brands of art supplies is eliminated. Better color performance means you’ll never have to play guessing games when trying out a new color or when reusing your faves. Whatever your project, from doodling to fine art, you can count on Ohuhu for unmatched quality.


3. Creativity = Happiness

Greater creativity means greater happiness, and there is no better way to flex your creative muscle than by exercising it! Practice may not always make perfect, but it does make better. By drawing or painting with our art supplies on a regular basis, you can train your brain to think more imaginatively. A growing body of researchers tells us that there is even a positive connection between making art and our personal happiness. We first heard about this from Robert Epstein back in 1996 when he published an article on “Capturing Creativity” in Psychology Today. We are so inspired by imagination and we promise to always create products that will improve the lives of those in our loyal artistic community and beyond!



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