Founded in 2013, Ohuhu is an all-encompassing home and lifestyle brand that seeks to add a pop of convenience and cutting-edge quality into every aspect of daily life. It all started with a big move. Literally. From the comforts of home in the countryside to the hustle and bustle of California. Looking for tools, appliances and the works for everyday life online, our founder Eric found that he had multiple tabs from different websites on and the system as well, frustrating.

So he had a simple but solid idea – having a one-stop collective with anything and everything you could need. Almost like he had full access to the garage back home, in a click of a button. And thus began the birth of Ohuhu.


The Ohuhu way of life

The name Ohuhu pays homage to Oahu, a beautiful sunny island in Hawaii that Eric visited during summer break back in his college years. The breezy, easy lifestyle marked by a sense of simplicity and sincerity was something he wished could be brought to every corner of the world.


Our values

Ohuhu strives to give everyone a taste of that lifestyle. That's why we do everything, driven by our 3 core values:


We all love trying out new things, even if it's a simple herb grinder. But not knowing how to use it really dampens the whole experience. That's why we put immense thought into designing the user experience, so you wouldn't have to put any thought into using it.


There's nothing more heartwarming than meeting a stranger who goes out of their way to make you feel well taken care of. That's why we go the extra mile in making your purchase one that's well thought out - from complimentary storage bags that you can bring about your day, to pillows for your sleeping bag that makes you feel right at home.

3. Affordable

Oahu reminded us that you don't have to break the bank to have a good time. That's why we put aside the frivolous (you don't see any diamonds on our canopy tent!) and concentrate on forming sustainable relationships with our suppliers for the best quality at the lowest cost.



At the end of the day, it all boils down to the Ohuhu lifestyle; a life that's worry-free, and wonder-filled. Ohuhu has come a long way, from one simple idea to a lifestyle brand with countless Amazon #1 best sellers under its name. Our vision is for Ohuhu to be the one-stop collective our consumer community heads to for anything under the sun. We've got many bases covered, from home to your studio to your next outdoor adventure, and we' ll work hard to bring the Ohuhu lifestyle to even more aspects of your life. Ohuhu – life's a breeze.