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Win Unique Headphones and Ohuhu Brush Pens NOW!

Put Your ART on Your Headphones.

Accompanied by music, and your unique self-customization, allows your mind to be in a more relaxed state, whilst enjoying the music style by YOU.

Water-based ink

Ohuhu Dual Brush Pen Art Markers 

With 2 different tips to choose from, you have an infinitely wider array of coloring styles at your finger tips, like fashion illustrations, quick sketches and bullet journaling.

The packaging is designed by a specially designated designer, making this set of pens a great gift for creative people enjoying coloring and artwork.

iClever TransNova Bluetooth Headphones

Why settle for headphones that look the same all the time when you can change the detachable plates on this iClever TransNova Bluetooth headphones? Replace with your favorite color and RGB light creating your own customized look.

Equipped with 40mm Neodymium drivers, delivering an amazing 45 straight hours of listening time into the 500mAh battery. USB-C cord charging gets you going fast — just 10 minutes gives you 4 hours of playtime!

Win Unique Headphones and Ohuhu Brush Pens!

So How Does it Work?

Step 1. Design your very own unique headphone plates – draw a pink/blue circle and complete a drawing of how you want your headphone plates to look like. The color of the circle represents the color of the headphones you want.

Step 2. Take a photo of your design, then simply quickly and conveniently upload it to your Instagram with hashtag #iCleverXOhuhu and @ohuhuart.

Step 3. Follow 3 steps on this page to submit your entries.

Then you are good to go – all you have to do is wait for the lucky draw results! (Additionally don’t forget to vote for your favorite entries!)

Note: Every masterpiece will be reviewed carefully by the Ohuhu Team. Please make sure that the paintings you upload are clear and do not violate any community or code of conduct rules. Only masterpieces that pass the review are eligible to participate in the lucky draw.


1. This event will run through from November 9th to November 20th, 2021 EDT.

2. This event is open to international users.

3. 25 winners will be chosen at random and will win a pair of Unique Headphones and a set of Ohuhu 24 Colors Brush Pens.

4. Each participant will be selected only once.

5. Winners will be announced on November 23rd, 2021 EDT on various channels including the Ohuhu official website, Instagram and Email.

6. Prizes will start to be shipped from December 25th, 2021 EDT.

7. Ohuhu reserves the right of final explanation, with any final decision made by Ohuhu.

Bonus: Ohuhu’s team members will specially select masterpieces to receive the 300 US dollar prize.

Ohuhu offers the perfect and highest quality art supplies for your painting arsenal - simply anyone can paint up their very own inspiration and experience the pure bliss and imagery from the fresh tropics of Oahu, whenever you pick up a paintbrush or marker.

iClever is a consumer electronics brand seeking to use the power of technology to push the boundaries of smart living whilst inspiring users to move faster, think outside the box and lead more connected and full lives.


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