200 alcohol marker set?!?

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Marena Blaha
Marena Blaha

Hi, new here to Ohuhu markers!

I have seen a lot of videos and reviews about them, and I am very excited to buy my first pack!

However, I just read here that supposedly there is a 200 set of brush/chisel alcohol markers that is going to be coming out? Does anyone know when, exactly?

I am very excited to buy my first pack, like I said, but I would love to have the full set, and I won't be able to buy it if i buy the 120 set now [生病]

Thank you so much! 

Marena Blaha Nov 21, 2020

Thank you for responding, Ohuhu!

Nov 21, 2020 0
Marena Blaha Nov 21, 2020

Ohhh I can't wait!!

Nov 21, 2020 0
Ohuhu Official Nov 20, 2020

Hi All, the next new-released product will be the 48 pastel colors marker set in December. The 216 colors brush & chisel tips marker set will come out this season. Stay tuned!

Nov 20, 2020 0
Lez G Nov 15, 2020

I be waiting too I got the 200 chisel/fine alcohol markers and they are very amazing. Now i wait for the Brush ones.

Nov 15, 2020 0
Cassie Nov 14, 2020

I am also looking for this answer. 

Nov 14, 2020 0


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