5 Tips On Using Ohuhu Alcohol Markers

Posted on Nov 11, 2019, at 01:13 a.m.
Ohuhu Official

When you get your hand on alcohol markers for the first time, it's always pretty hard to know where to start from.

That is why I wanted to share with you my 5 tips on using Ohuhu's alcohol markers to hopefully make this easier.

Let's goooooo!


1.   Swatching


This is one of the first things you should do when getting your Ohuhu Alcohol markers for the first time ( Or any new art supplies).


Swatching your colors is more helpful than we think, generally, the colors of the caps don't always match the colors of the ink and this can get tricky.

Swatching your colors once can avoid you to always waste some time only swatching a few colors every time you start a new drawing. It also helps with finding inspiration and drawings ideas.


2.   Layering


One of the best advantages of using Ohuhu alcohol markers, going from a light tone to a darker shade only using one single marker.

Isn't that amazing?!

And this is really easy, you only have to color your drawing, wait a few seconds to let the ink dry, then go over the places you want to shade or give a darker tone.


Coloring your drawings layer by layer may seem like a small detail, but it really makes a difference.


3.   Blending


Blending your colors is really important, it will give your drawing a smooth and beautiful result.

When getting started with alcohol markers, blending your colors may seem impossible.

But it's not. There are so many blending methods and you only have to figure out your favorite.


Make sure to check the dedicated blog article to blending tutorials on Ohuhu's blog.

It is extremely helpful and detailed.



Blending 2_副本.jpg

4.   Combining


Ohuhu's Alcohol markers are really good. But have you ever tried to combine them with other art supplies?

You can use fine liners to ink your sketches or to add more details to your drawings.

You can also use your alcohol markers as a base layer then go over it with colored pencils, this technique will give a really smooth effect to your drawings.

Using different art supplies for a big drawing is also really fun, combining alcohol markers and watercolor brush pens, for example, brings a lot of texture and details to your art piece.

fineliners x markers_副本.jpg


5.   Good Paper


And the last but not the least: Using a good paper.

Having good markers is important, but using good paper is necessary.

You have to know that not all papers are compatible with alcohol marker's ink.

Some papers, like watercolor paper, tend to absorb a lot of ink, their granulated texture could also damage your marker's nib.

Marker paper, Smooth Bristol or even Mixed media paper is, on the other hand, better to use with alcohol ink . their smooth surface allows you to have bright colors and a nice blending.

All the papers are a bit different, and every artist has his preferences.
You only have to figure out the one that suits your art style.

。。Paper comparaison_副本.jpg



I hope from the bottom of my heart that these tips have been helpful and that you learned something new.

Always remember that practice makes perfect and that it’s okay to fail a drawing.

You only have to try again and NEVER give up.


Have a wonderful day!

Final result 1_副本.jpg


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