Amazing DIY at HOME | Pretty Egg Wraps and Easter Display!

Posted on Apr 10, 2020, at 10:00 a.m.
Lindsay Weirich
Ohuhu Official

Supply list:

Ohuhu Brush Tip Markers *I used the 120 assorted and skin-tone sets

Ohuhu Marker Paper


Egg dying kit or liquid food coloring

Green cardstock (8 ½”x11” cut into 2”x5 ½” strips)

Scissors (regular and fringe-style if you have them)


Easter bunny or other spring-themed stamps, the set I used is by Stampendous

Brown ink pad (Memento)


This cheerful display will brighten up anyone's day this spring. You can set it up in your front window for your neighbors to enjoy as they walk by and it also makes a pretty table centerpiece. 😉


ohuhu markers easter bunny.jpg


For this craft, you can use real or fake eggs. Fake eggs would be more practical if you want to keep this display out for decoration. Here is how I dyed the eggs in the project. I used a Paas Tie Dye egg decorating kit but you can also use food coloring.


Step 1. Place a dry egg in a plastic bag and drop in a couple of drops of food coloring. Tip: Use colors that are next to each other on the color wheel.


ohuhu easter egg.jpg


Step 2. Gently massage the bag with your hands spreading the color around the egg.

 easter egg ohuhu paint set.jpg


Step 3. Let dry.  *If using hard-boiled eggs store them in the refrigerator.


easter egg ohuhu.jpg

While the eggs are drying it’s time to make our beautiful Easter egg wraps!


Begin by tearing out a sheet of marker paper on the perforations from your Ohuhu marker pad. Stamp out the images you want to decorate your egg wraps with. Make sure to use ink that is compatible with alcohol markers, I used a brown Memento ink pad.

ohuhu marker pad bunny.jpg


Color the stamped images with your Ohuhu brush tip markers. For soft blending color, the image first with the lightest color and then add shading with the darkest color and blend the two colors together with the mid-tone. Refer to the photos below to see what colors I used. Tip: Test your colors on the unstamped area of the paper if you want to practice a blend.







Carefully cut out all of the colored images and set aside. Take the green cardstock and cut it into 2”x5 ½” strips. Use fringe scissors (or regular scissors) to cut slits along the strips (to look like grass) as shown in the photo below. Form the green strip into a cylinder and secure with a dot of glue overlapping the ends ½”. If using an egg decorating kit you can use the egg collar die cuts as a template or to make the egg wraps more secure. Tip: Curl the fringe around a pencil to add shape to the “grass”.


ohuhu grass.jpg


Glue your stamped images on the green ring covering up the ends (hiding the seam of the cardstock) and then place your egg inside.




Repeat for the rest of the egg wraps. Have fun arranging your Easter display. I used wood slices to create layers for my egg display. You could also use boxes draped with a pretty spring fabric. Remember if you are going to keep this display out to use blown out real eggs or fake eggs as hard-boiled eggs need to be refrigerated. Hard-boiled eggs are best for an Easter dinner table centerpiece, it will be a feast for the eyes and the belly! I hope you enjoyed this fun family craft and I wish you a happy Easter.


ohuhu easter.jpg

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Nice colors, cute artwork! :) 

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The colors are beautiful!

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Sunxy Art Apr 09, 2021

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