Can I travel with them?!

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Luna Nightshade
Luna Nightshade

I just got the ohuhu markers the beginning of July! Im super excited about them. Ive already made a few peices of artwork. After a while I thought how I do travel after a few years. So can i travel by plane with them in my hand luggage? And will they bleed under the air pressure. [疑问]I don't want my money to go to waste. [可爱] Thanks!

tahreem raana Sep 19, 2020

Yes you can travel with them.

Sep 19, 2020 0
Ohuhu Official Aug 11, 2020

Hi Luna, thank you for your good question! Different airline has different limitations and rules. It is suggested to consult the airline if it is allowed to carry markers in hand luggage or checked luggage and how many markers are allowed to carry. If the Ohuhu markers you’ve got are alcohol-based, the bleeding may happen sometimes. In fact, not only Ohuhu alcohol-based markers, but all markers of different brands could also bleed under the air pressure (sometimes they won’t). If you really want to travel with your markers, you could seal them in individual plastic bags so that it won’t be too messy when the bleeding happens.   

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