Can Ohuhu New Marker Pads Handle Every Media?

Posted on Mar 09, 2020, at 12:00 a.m.
Lindsay Weirich
Ohuhu Official


Ohuhu Marker Sketchbook 2 pack

Ohuhu 120 Alcohol based dual brush markers

Ohuhu 100 count Water-based Dual-ended markers

Ohuhu Real Brush Pens

Colored pencils

Acrylic paint pen or white gel pen


Do you like markers? Me too! Today I am going to introduce you to a new marker sketchbook by Ohuhu and the brand new set of 120 dual brush alcohol markers. We will also be playing with a few other favorite supplies so we can see how versatile this marker pad is.




First, let’s look at the new markers and sketchbooks. The first thing I noticed about the sketchbook is that the paper is really thick! It’s a heavyweight 120lb/200GSM weight and comes in 8.3”x11.7” and 8.3”x8.3” size. The page weight is great because I like to use markers on my card making and stamping projects and I prefer a thicker cardstock weight paper for that. Also, the pages are micro-perforated for easy removal so no more messy spines if you decide to take a page out of your book.


New Marker Pads and 120 Set Brush Markers-2.jpg


The cover of the book features an embossed fur type of texture with the Ohuhu logo debossed in the corner. The hardbound book easily lays flat while you are drawing making it comfortable to work on. You can even clip or rest your reference material on the other page if you (like me) enjoy sketching with a book on your lap.


The thing that really impressed me about the new sketchbooks was that it was compatible with all types of markers! Usually, marker pads only work with alcohol-based markers or water-based markers but not both. This does a great job with both types as you can see in the photo below.


Ohuhu New Marker Pads and 120 Set Brush Markers-3.jpg


I didn’t notice any change in the feel of the surface of the paper when I used any of the markers on their own but when I applied water over the water-based markers I did notice the paper become a slight bit rougher but there was no pilling or apparent wear on the paper even when I went on top the wet paper with marker. That’s a win in my book!




Be aware, as with most paper, you will have a bleed through to the other side with alcohol-based pens especially when using the blending technique. If applied heavily it could bleed to the next page so I used the plastic sheet included in my Ohuhu 120 brush marker set to protect the page underneath. Scrap paper would work well too. In the next photos, you will see some blends I did with the new 120 dual brush alcohol marker set as well as the backside of the page.




My favorite quality of this paper is its endurance for handling multiple layers of the marker and a variety of other mediums. On this drawing, I started with a light-colored pencil sketch then layered alcohol-based markers on top before adding details with colored pencils and highlights with white gel and acrylic paint pens. I think the effect is marvelous!




I would never claim that one paper can handle every media but this paper is excellent with whatever type of marker you want to throw at it. It even has a pocket in the back to hold reference photos and finished artwork, just keep in mind it is smaller than the pages in the book so trimming or folding would be necessary. If you are looking for an inspiring marker paper I hope you give the new Ohuhu marker sketchbook a try!

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