Iskra Hedvall

So what would be super helpful is a data sheet (not a swatch card, I know you have those) that lists all the current colours, per series, set, colour, number AND their OLD name and number. Because right now it's really difficult to try and go through my stash to figure out what I do and don't have since some of it is the new series and some of it the old and the (while really pretty) tiny and impossible to read comparison colour wheels in the little booklets that come with each set.

So yeah, a nice sheet with info. I'll use Fruit Pink to make an example below.

Current number - current name -SWATCH - old name (if applicable) - old number - if different between series also the individual number

honolulu R21 - Fruit Pink - SWATCH - [unchanged and blank] - prev: oahu 28 - oahu R193

Does this make sense to you? It would be super helpful and doesn't even need to be anything fancy, an excel sheet would be more than enough.