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Akira Alamin
Akira Alamin

Hi, I'm Akira Alamin and I am 13-years-old. I love to do art and creative writing. I wanna be a comic artist so I want to use youtube to advertise. I entered a creative writing contest and I have a chance to win prize money. If I do it I will buy YouTube equipment and more art supplies. Of course, the first thing I will buy is the  Ohuhu 168 pack so I could have ALL THE COLORS!!! I want to make speed drawings, animations, mini-comics, and at some point maybe tutorials. I wanna do art reviews too because I heard people get sponsors to do it and I want MORE ART SUPPLIES!!! I also want to buy my family things. I came here to let Ohuhu know that their markers are the best they are better than Copics at least to me and that when I start youtube please look for my videos because your markers will be in a lot of them. Now I wanna show you one of my Ohuhu creations!!! (I wanted to show more but I couldn't find a way for them to fit!)16145482736663.jpeg

Ohuhu Official Apr 19, 2021

Thanks for your sharing! [点赞]You did a very good job! Hope you won the prize!

Apr 19, 2021 0
M Rudakow Mar 10, 2021

I would say wait a few years, so you know for sure you want it, because you actually will be ashamed of your first videos and it is better if your first videos are when you are 15-18, so it's not as embarrassing! I love this piece though

Mar 10, 2021 0
Alexis Johnson Mar 04, 2021

This is great! Don't be afraid to achieve your dreams

Mar 04, 2021 0
Natalie Düker-Moorkens Mar 01, 2021

Great job 👏 👍 👌 

Mar 01, 2021 0


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