Rubylee Forrester

I've had lots of experience with Ohuhu thanks to my big sister and the love for all things "art" we share. I'd been barely getting by on her old hand me downs until FINALLY, thanks to my amazing hubby (drumroll please);

I GOT MY VERY FIRST SET!! All to myself, fresh and new and begging me to color something... Anything! Lol

My buzz was quickly taken when I began swatching them in the little watch sheet provided in the bag. SO MANY were dry with damaged tips. Ofcorse, i reached out to customer support and was sharply told (in a nutshell not verbatim) " we'll ship replacements when someone in that department gets around to finding the specific colors". 

So much for customer satisfaction being a priority! 


My husband had also ordered me the skin tone set, I was so ready to get my hands on them and finally color all my characters.... And guess what? 

Not only were several of them dry, I received the chisel and fine tip set instead of the brush set that was SUPPOSED to arrive. 

So, here I am wondering what to do and trying to figure out how I'm going to explain to my husband after him having spent almost 200 bucks, that I can't utilize or enjoy my Christmas presents AND that Ohuhu only offers to resolve any issues if and when it is convenient.

I haven't reached out to customer support for the skin tone set issues, at this point I pretty much already know the answer AND thanks to my very first encounter with Ohuhu customer service, I know I can expect to get a rude undertone in such response to boot! I really hope this isn't a new trend in how Ohuhu is choosing to support their customers or remedy any issues. NEVER in my life have I ever had a company who when notified of faulty, broken, incomplete or incorrect merchandise, neglect to tell me when I can expect a replacement. Nor have I ever picked up on such a rude and annoyed undertone from the support staff whilst exchanging dialogue on the matter. 

I promised an art blog on reviewing it all... And unfortunately all my readers who'd been waiting for it, also were disappointed. What could i tell them? How do you let others know anything about a supposed "brand new" set of 120 markers when most are dry? I was holding out for the skin tone set to arrive but yet again, more issues with the product quality AND it was the wrong set! For anyone out there who is just as snobby as I am about brush nib alcohol markers (I know most of you are lol) can understand the utter disappointment when you're eagerly awaited brand new set of brush tips arrives, only to discover they are bullet and chisel nib....

AND later discover the shades you wanted most are BONE DRY. 

I'm so very disappointed in so many ways and i feel awfully stupid for having A) gotten my hopes up

B) having bragged and bragged about "just wait until you see how they perform" to my husband when he commented on the price.

C) having believed the claims made by Ohuhu in regard to customer satisfaction and commitment to quality. 

D) the way i was treated and being left with simply "if we get around to it"... Nor letting me know a "when" or anything