3 Ideas To Bring Your Bedroom Decoration To A Whole New Level

Posted on Jul 30, 2021, at 08:00 a.m.
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Have you ever felt the need to add some colors to your bedroom? Something suiting your aesthetic or just something to fill up a part of your room that always missed a little touch but never found something at your taste or it was just too expensive.

If that is the case then this blog post may be for you!


Here are three (and a bit more) ideas to bring your bedroom decoration to a whole new level or just to find some inspiration for future art projects.

All you will need is some art supplies, a few objects that you probably have lying around your house or that you could buy for only a few dollars, and of course some creativity.


I hope you're ready because this is going to be a lot of fun!

    1) Canvases, wood slices, and illustrations.

    a) Wood slices: 

Acrylic paint can be used on many surfaces, and wood is one of them.

I particularly appreciate wood slices for their looks once being painted on, it really brings some cozy vibes, especially in your working place.

These wood slices can be exposed on small easels for decorating purposes or even to hold your mug as a saucer would do.



Because of their smooth texture, these slices are pretty easy to work on. You can directly start by applying your paint (I am here using Ohuhu acrylic paint) with a paintbrush or use a pencil to sketch your idea first. Applying a white coat can also be a good idea if you would like to make your drawing pop.


Remember there are no wrong ways to express your creativity, you can paint anything you want from landscapes to flowers and objects.



Small tip: If you find your paint hard to apply don't hesitate to humidify your brush for a smoother result.

    b) Canvases


On a more traditional note, canvases are always a good option. You can choose between many sizes to see what fits your needs.

Mini canvases are very cute and quite fun to make too, you can create a whole series of mini paintings following the same color palette or theme.

Inspiration can be found everywhere but for this one, I decided to go back in time and recreate an old famous painting ( Composition in Red, Yellow, Blue, and Black by Piet Mondrian). There are of course many artists and art pieces to choose from.


However, If you don't feel comfortable enough while using Acrylic paint, you can always use any other supplies instead. Watercolor markers, Alcohol markers, pencils … you name it. The surface can also vary depending on your preferences. Once your artwork is done, here are few options: You can laminate the paper for a glossy finish, frame it, or just hang/stick it on the wall just as it is.

    c) Polaroids 

We usually use Polaroid to capture instant memories we can cherish forever. But have you ever thought of doing the same thing but using your art instead? 


Start by tracing your Polaroid shapes ( 10,7x8,2cm rectangle ). Then sketch your drawings, you can draw something different in every piece or just stick to one theme. If you feel like it, you can even vary your art styles (abstract, realism ... ) 


Once the sketch is done, you can choose to ink it or directly move on to the coloring part. 

Every medium can be used, you only have to make sure to use the right paper for it. Here we recommend using the paper on Ohuhu Marker Pad, the thickness and the hardness are perfect for this.


Finally, I like to laminate the Polaroid illustrations to give them a glossier look. You can then stick them to the wall or hang them on a string.

    2) Flower Pots


Who can say no to a touch of greenery in their bedroom?

But of course, let's make it better, more colorful, and personalized.

You'll need flower pots, acrylic paint/ marker, and some brushes.

Before starting, make sure to get Terracotta flower pots over plastic ones. The first ones are more textured and will allow a better paint application for a smoother result.





As always, I like to begin with a pencil sketch, then continue with the painting process while still using the Ohuhu acrylic paint, and more importantly, work in layers. I finish by adding small details and highlights.


Never forget that the painting possibilities are once again endless. From abstract to more stylized, you do you!


    3) Glass painting

Recently trending on social media, glass painting is a new art technique where you use a piece of glass (here I used a frame) and paint it with acrylic paint.

And even though it seems super simple, it is still quite different from drawing on paper.

Generally, when drawing, details and highlights come last but not now. The first thing you want to paint will be the highlight and shadows then all the details you want on top of your final piece. Finally, the background color comes last.



But first, the sketch. Start by sketching your idea on a piece of paper (preferably the same size as your glass piece). 



Once you're satisfied with your lines, use a permanent/acrylic marker to trace your drawing on the frame. Wait until everything is dry then apply your paint using the method mentioned above. Don't forget to work by layer and wait until everything is completely dry before returning the frame.


You'll see, the result is pretty insane.

This technique is generally used for character illustration but works with other subjects too. You should definitely try and see for yourself.



Tip: Note that even though Ohuhu paint can be directly used from the tube, the best way to use it and create great gradients and contrast is to mix the colors together. I like adding some white to my initial color for a pastel tone. 

In conclusion, decoration is subjective, you can do absolutely what you like, use your favorite color, draw about your favorite movie/show/anime and so much more. 

And even if painting is not your thing, you can always use calligraphy techniques for your favorite quotes, write poem verses … 

Imagination has no limit, so keep painting because practice makes perfect. 

That's it for today's blog article! 

If you ever try one of these ideas make sure to tag @ohuhuart, we would love to see what you've been making. 

Paint-up Your Inspiration!

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Grace Cameron Oct 03, 2021

Yeah! Expect to see little flower pots sitting on my desk in the next few weeks.

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thanks for the supercute inspiration!

keep it up [爱心][爱心]

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