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Marcello Sisniega
Marcello Sisniega

Hello Ohuhu! I've bought a 120 Brush nib alcohol based markers, and i'm very excited, but I was wondering how could I replace my nibs if I mess up both sides of the included nib? Also, what if it dries off?. Greetings from Latin America, we love your products here!

Ohuhu Official Aug 19, 2020

Hey Marcello! Thank you for your orders and comment! To prevent the markers from dries off, it is suggested to store your markers horizontally in a cool, dry place. This prevents uneven distribution of the ink and allows an even flow to both ends of the markers. Don’t forget to put the lid back on your Ohuhu markers when you are not using it. Otherwise, the alcohol will naturally evaporate. In this case, while the alcohol is escaping, the ink isn’t. Leave it for long enough, the problem will be solved. The situation of messing up both sides of a nib is not happened too often. If one side of the nib is frayed, you can reverse the nib as the picture shows. If you have any further questions while you using your markers, just email us at Our customer service is always here to help!


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