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Jonas Crider
Jonas Crider

So if I’m looking at getting some alcohol markers should I spend money to get a lot of fine and chisel ones or the same amount to get less brush and chisel ones? I’ve heard the brush and chisel ones are better but I don’t know how much better.

Ohuhu Official Jun 24, 2020

Hi Jonas,

It depends on the type of artwork that you’re coloring. With the brush nib, you can get a rich variety of line thicknesses and blend large blocks of colors in a shorter time while the fine nib is fantastic for small details and patterning. 

Here are two videos that demonstrate how to blend with fine & chisel markers and brush & chisel markers. You can check them out and see more details of the different nibs. 

Fine& Chisel Marker (Click here)

Brush& Chisel Marker (Click here)

Hope this could help you to make a decision. :)  

Jun 24, 2020 0


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