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Posted on Sep 23, 2020, at 12:00 a.m.
Ohuhu Official
Ohuhu Official

- Get access to a canvas of rewards with Ohuhu Oh! Club -


Ohuhu’s mission is always to enable, encourage, and inspire creators to pursue their artistic passions and move them forward on their journey. For years, we have seen the Ohuhu community show off their artistic flair all over our social feeds, and time after time we’re amazed when we see the masterpieces that our products empower artists to create. So we wanted to create a platform, a common space where like-minded creatives could share their best work, get tips and advice, and showcase their talent for all to see. Thus, the Ohuhu Oh! Club was created – just for you.


Join the Ohuhu Oh! Club, and get rewarded with points for doing what you love – whether it be treating yourself to the latest set of markers, starting conversations with like-minded art lovers or encouraging a fellow artist by clicking on the like button on their work.


With every 100 points you earn, you get $1 off your next purchase. And it’s absolutely free – no strings attached. Just create an Ohuhu account for your first 30 points, and get started today.

- How do I earn points? -

It’s really simple - just get started by registering for an Ohuhu account! You’ll also get rewarded for your purchases, and for sharing and connecting with the community.


1. Register for an Account  | +30 points >>


2. Subscribe to our Newsletter | +50 points >>

Note: Make sure that you’ve logged into your Ohuhu account before you subscribe, otherwise the system won’t register your points.

ohuhu newsletter subscribe.jpg

3. Upload your Profile Picture (for the first time) | +10 points >>

4. Reply a post in the Community | +5 points each (enjoy a max. of +25 points a day) >>

5. View Blog(s) | +2 points for each (enjoy a max. of +10 points a day) >>

6. Get “Like(s)” on Your Post(s) | +2 points for each (enjoy a max. of +10 points a day) >>


7. Like Someone’s Post(s) | +1 point for each (enjoy a max. of +5 points a day) >>

ohuhu community2.jpg


8. Purchase Your Favorite Art Supplies  | +1 point for every $1 spent >>


BONUS: We will also hold special events occasionally where you’ll be able to earn lots of points. Subscribe to our newsletters to get updates sent straight to your inbox so that you’ll be the first to know!

Let's start collecting points!

- How Do You Check Your Points Balance? -

All your points are recorded and saved in your Account. Check on your points balance in 3 simple steps:


Step 1

Click on the Account icon at the top of the Ohuhu official website.

Step 2

For existing Ohuhu members: log in to your account to view your points balance.

For non Ohuhu members: what are you waiting for! Create an account in just a few seconds, and you can even sign up using your Facebook or Google account.

Once you’re signed up or signed in, click on the account icon at the top of the page again.

Step 3

Click on My Points. You’ll see the points you’ve earned, points collection history, and more information about Ohuhu Oh! Club points.

ohuhu points.jpg

- How Do I Spend My Points? -


Every 100 points add up to $1 off your order, and you can redeem them to offset your next purchase.


1)     Enter the amount of points you want to use at checkout

2)     Click on the Apply button and you’re done!

3)     The money will be subtracted automatically from your subtotal and you can even get points from the purchase you’ve just made!


ohuhu check out page.jpg

As an Ohuhu Oh! Club member, we’ll let you know of more ways to spend points in the future!


Learn more about how to spend your points.

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Cri Carver Oct 11, 2020

exciting only 10 days left

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Miranda Fahey Oct 11, 2020


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    Oct 16, 2020
I'man Meyers Oct 10, 2020

I'm actually excited for this

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Melody Ross Oct 10, 2020

Very exciting

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Cri Carver Oct 05, 2020

so happy

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Cri Carver Oct 03, 2020


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Cri Carver Oct 01, 2020

cant wait

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Cri Carver Sep 30, 2020

so cool, this is so fun cant wait to see who wins

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