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hannah minker
hannah minker

There should be a like 12-15 pack of just really light or pastel colors in both or either brush ar fine I think it be really cool and you could probably price it if the colors are really nice and soft because the pack i have has a lot of really dark dark greens and it helped me color with colors i don't usually use but think it be a win win situation 

                                                                                                                                        thank you :D

Abbie Carson May 28, 2020

Im so excited! Should I wait for those, or buy the 120 brush pack now? Anyone have any advice? 😫😫😫

May 28, 2020 0
Ohuhu Official May 14, 2020

Hi Hannah and Marlena, we hear you! Thank you for your nice suggestions! We're working on expanding our products with light or pastel colors. We will keep you updated once the new marker sets are ready for sale. Stay tuned!

May 14, 2020 0
Marlena Freeman May 08, 2020

I also emailed Ohuhu and asked about this same issue! I totally agree...more pastels! Also, some lighter skin tones in the skin tone set would be amazing too!!

May 08, 2020 1
  • Ohuhu Official:

    Hi Marlena, the new skin tone set with more lighter skin tones is coming soon! Stay tuned!

    May 22, 2020


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