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Robin Selinger
Robin Selinger

How do I apply points at checkout, screen shows that I can deduct 15% but how?

Ohuhu Official Jun 15, 2021

How to Use Points?

(1) 100 points = $1.00 (The currency shall be the final settlement currency)

(2) The deductible amount of money should not surpass 15% of each actual payment for any order you may be placing. The minimum exchangeable amount of points is 10 points.

(3) Coupons and points cannot be used at the same time.

(4) Points have a one-year (365 days) validity period after your registration. Once started collecting points, your points is valid for one year and all the unused points will reset to 0 when validity period expired.

(5) The reward points will not be returned if the products purchased with the points need replacing or returning.

(6) Ohuhu reserves the right of final explanation.

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