What's New With Ohuhu Oahu Series 320 Color Set

Posted on Oct 09, 2021, at 01:32 a.m.
Ohuhu Official
Ohuhu Official

Picture this – it’s a cozy day in. The rain is trickling down the windows. You put on a floral-scented candle and you’ve got your coziest sweats on. The perfect activity to accompany this warm, fuzzy mood?

Making some art, with the new and improved Ohuhu 320 Colors Dual Tips Alcohol Art Markers, Fine & Chisel set.

Ok, we may have gotten a little carried away, but we at Ohuhu are so excited to introduce what's new with the Ohuhu 320 Colors Dual Tips Alcohol Art Markers, Fine & Chisel!

We’re confident you’ll be excited about it too – because the changes were inspired directly by you, our community! Actively listening to our community is a core pillar of our brand. We aim not only to pursue your feedback relentlessly, but to put our money where our mouth is, and to implement changes that make your experience a better one.

Without further ado, introducing the new tweaks to our marker pens that we hope will inspire you to paint up inspiration:  

1.  Our marker set now comes in 320 beautiful colors

For the longest time, we thought that 200 colors in a set was enough for you. But you shared that you wanted more colors. You asked, we delivered – in 320 amazing colors so you’ll get to develop your artwork in every single color that you can think of!

Now you get to widen your creative horizons and experiment with 120 more shades of beautifully pigmented tones. With the same easily buildable and blendable colors and smudge-free formula that you’ve come to love Ohuhu for. 


It basically costs less than USD $1 a marker – buy the set and you’re basically set for life with the wide variety of colors available! Plus, we think this will be perfect for a gift – whether it’s for yourself or for a loved one. With 320 colors, we’re sure the recipient of this will be spoilt for choice! 

2.  New color code labeling 

If you’ve ever tried to explain the difference between rust brown and chocolate brown, this change is designed just for you.

We’ve swapped out the number to an intuitive label mechanism that makes it easier for you to identify your desired shade of a specific color amongst the plethora of colors.


  • The color name is indicated right upfront so you’ll know exactly what color you’re picking up, even without removing the cap

  • The alphabet in the code refers to the hue of the color within the color family

  • The first two numbers refer to how saturated the colors are

  • The last number refers to the brightness of the color 

We hope these small changes go a long way. 

As we continue to work on this best-selling product of ours, we are always reminded that it would not be a best-selling product if there is no one to buy it. Thus, we’ll continue to improve on it. One day at a time.

After all, if you want to go far, go together. Thank you for going far with us on this journey, and for your support of Ohuhu. If you have any ideas or feedback on how our products can be improved further, leave us a comment under this blog!

PS: If you already own the Oahu series of 200-color marker set and you’re looking to expand your collection to own all 320 shades of gorgeous hues, all you have to do is just add our new 120-color set to cart to expand your collection!  


Oct 09, 2021 16
Hannah Steele Nov 30, 2021

Why are the prices advertised on this site cheaper than what is actually on Amazon? The 320 set is advertised here for $169.99 US but is on Amazon for $184.99.

Nov 30, 2021 0
Pam Cuddeback Nov 15, 2021

You haven't answered the question about the duplicate Color Names in Oahu and Honolulu. Are the colors the same, but with different numbers?

Nov 15, 2021 0
Alyssa Fontenot Nov 01, 2021

Will the 320 set be avaiable as a brush nib?

Nov 01, 2021 1
  • Ohuhu Official:

    The brush nib and fine nib belong to different series. And there will be a bigger set available as a brush nib in the future. Stay tuned.

    Nov 02, 2021
Theresa Johnson Oct 26, 2021

Are the colors for the Oahu series the same as the Honolulu series?? I have the 216 Honolulu set, but looking at this color chart, colors with the same name have different pigment numbers. (for example, "Carmine Red" is YR030 in the Honolulu set, and YR198 in the Oahu) That's very confusing to me.
Would the New 120 set be a good supplement for the 216 Brush set?

Oct 26, 2021 0
Bailey Planton Oct 25, 2021

Quick question. I’m looking to get this set along with some of the new Honolulu sets, but I was trying to compare colors and the numbering is different on each set. I dont want to get doubles if I can help it. Is there a way to tell which appears in both sets? 

Oct 25, 2021 0
Melanie Major Oct 23, 2021

Hello, when will this and the newer sets (midtones and grays) be available on amazon Canada?

Even if I want to buy them from amazon.com, it keeps saying "Unavailable" : (

Oct 23, 2021 2
  • Ohuhu Official:

    Hi, thanks for your asking! These three newer sets will be available on Amazon Canada at the end of December. Stay tuned.

    Oct 24, 2021
  • Melanie Major: @ Ohuhu Official:

    Thanks for replying! December is still too far away but I will wait  :')

    Oct 24, 2021
Cara Berg Oct 21, 2021

This is fantastic! I cannot wait to swatch and create 

Oct 21, 2021 0
Jessi Roberts Oct 12, 2021

When will the 120 set be available? 

Oct 12, 2021 5
  • Ohuhu Official:

    The new 120 color set is available now. Please check at amazon. 


    Oct 20, 2021
  • Jessi Roberts: @ Ohuhu Official:

    Thank you! I think that the new set might have the wrong color chart on your website and Amazon. The colors depicted on the chart are mostly duplicates of the 200 set, and the picture shows some duplicates too. (For example, that link you gave to the 200 set has rose red, black, fluorescent orange, red, pink, and yellow, all colors I got in the 120 set, but does NOT show fluorescent purple, the new color.)

    Is this an error? I want to get the 120 set, but not if it's got duplicates. 

    Oct 20, 2021
  • Ohuhu Official: @ Jessi Roberts:

    Hey Jessi,

    Thanks for your kind information. We've changed the color chart to the right one. Actually, there are no duplicates between the Oahu series 200 set and the new 120 set except the colorless marker. Please check again at our website. Thanks a lot! 


    Oct 23, 2021
  • Jessi Roberts: @ Ohuhu Official:

    That's great! I ordered a set. 

    Will you have a downloadable blank color chart for the 320 set soon? I saw you have the other sets, but none for the 320 yet. I love swatching. 

    Oct 24, 2021
  • Ohuhu Official: @ Jessi Roberts:

    Yes! We've uploaded it. You can find it at Coloring Pages.

    Oct 25, 2021


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