What does everybody recommend? Brush & chisel combo, or chisel and bullet combo?

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Hi all! Trying to choose between the two popular alcohol marker combos. What is your favorite and why?

I do mostly coloring pages and some interior renderings.

Liz R Oct 08, 2020

For me, it’s easier to blend with brush markers but easier to control it with bullet nibs

Oct 08, 2020 0
Manuela Reider Sep 29, 2020

I had the chisel and bullet nib combo, too when I first tried alcohol markers. From Ohuhu now I have the big 200 set chisel and bullet and a smaller set of chisel and brush. I will buy the skin tones set with chisel and brush soon cause in my experience it's a little easier to blend colors with a brush nib. But with a little training you can blend well with the chisel nib, too and 200 colors are just great 😍

Sep 29, 2020 0
belen Sep 22, 2020

hi ! i started off using the chisel and bullet nib combo because i was just starting out with markers and i just wanted to get the basics down and honestly it does the trick ! brush markers do feel nicer and blend really well but chisel tips do great work too ! if you arent plnning on doing full illustrations or something like that then i recommend sticking to the chisel. ohuhu chisel tips are honestly great so i highly recommend them :)

Sep 22, 2020 1
  • Cassie:

    Thank you for your tip, Belen!

    Sep 23, 2020


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