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Posted on Jun 04, 2021, at 08:00 a.m.
Ohuhu Official
Ohuhu Official

"I had told myself that I can't draw"

For years and years, I had told myself that I can't draw. The most that I had ever done for drawing was little doodles here and there. Once I actually started taking myself seriously as an artist, I tried several markers and mediums and struggled with most of them in one way or another until I started watching my favorite artist on YouTube. They were using Ohuhu markers and decided that they were the next market I had to try. My mom got me the 72 color set and I instantly fell in love with them! They inspired me and pushed me to think outside of what I thought I could do and I now own several different Ohuhu packs! I have been started drawing a series of pictures featuring an OC I designed shortly after getting my first ohuhu markers. I guess you could say that I always knew I was an artist but it wasn't until I got my hands on a set of Ohuhu markers that I realized that I can draw way more and better than I ever thought.


"I immediately fell in love"

I first got Ohuhu markers back when they first launched. I got them as a gift for my birthday and I immediately fell in love. The ink was so beautiful and blended beautifully. Since then, I just began buying Ohuhu markers. I now have the 200 set and the 72 brush set. I’m waiting for those to dry out before I get the newest brush set but I’m so excited! I’ve never had a problem with this company and I plan to continue using this company’s markers for as long as I can! I am proud to say that I've been using these for almost 5 years and they've helped me so much on my art journey. Thank you! I'll never forget this brand! 


 "Ohuhu markers have changed the way I create art"

I got introduced to Ohuhu Markers back in early 2019. I saw a few Youtubers I love reviewing them and praising them so I figured I'd give them a go. After buying the double-sided chisel and fine tip markers I fell in love. First, it was the price tag. These markers are soooo affordable! And, I did have my doubts with the price because I didn't know how good the quality would be, but boy was I proven wrong. They are such amazing quality! I absolutely LOVED using these markers. When I started using these markers, I had just started using markers as a tool of the trade, so I was new to the whole marker scene. I didn't know what brand to buy and what was good, how to blend or any of that stuff. But when I got my first set of Ohuhu's, wow! Did the game change! 

I now have the 120 brush tip Ohuhu's along with 2 of the marker pads which are just to die for. I can really say that Ohuhu markers have changed the way I create art. I can not imagine where my art skills would have been if I did not find these markers. 

I recommend them to pretty much anyone in my life now who is looking to start using markers as a medium and our scared of other brands price tags. Ohuhu is affordable and the quality is just amazing.

Thank you Ohuhu for changing the way I create! You all have done more for me than you know!


"My desire to own Ohuhu grew bigger and bigger"

My first encounter with Ohuhu because of SuperRaeDizzle (the art YouTuber). I was following her for quite a while and she happened to introduce ohuhu markers as her most favourite alcohol markers to use! And there it happened, my desire to own Ohuhu grew bigger and bigger. I began following Ohuhu's Instagram and investigating on the color scheme and the size of the pack that I should invest it. In that period I saw Ohuhu making appearances in other people art supplies such as DrawingWiffWaffles and Lucid Neema. Ohuhu seemed so attractive in terms of price and color palette. I gathered up my courage and money and purchased a pack of 40 chisel and bullet markers two summers ago on amazon (summer 2019). It took only a few days for them to arrive at my door and I was so excited to finally try them out! The first drawing I made from these markers was Deku from My Hero Academia and I was experimenting on how I could blend in the colors and use them properly. I brought them to school to show them to my friend and brag about the colors that I had ! I was very happy to own them and the quality was amazing. Up until today I am still able to use them without any problem and the pigment is still as vibrant :) Moreover, I felt that enough colors were provided to make a good drawing with a few colors. The bullet nib was really useful in getting into small corners and the chisel tip covered large areas really quickly. I also ended winning a pack of 48 brush nib alcohol markers from completing a survey last summer. Using the brush nib has been amazing as well! I takes a bit less time for blending but allows to draw with more flexibility. I still remain very impressed with their quality, packaging and affordable pricing.  I will definitely invest into the 120 pack when I have enough money to invest for it!  


"I color as a form of meditation"

I started using ohuhu markers as they were recommended by my sisters stepdaughter. I have mental health issues so I color as a form of meditation. However; when I found ohuhu I will likely never go back. I love the blendability. Your markers have helped me immensely and for this thank you ohuhu for an amazing product. For reference I own almost 300 of the alcohol markers as well as the 48 colored pencils. I'm planning on purchasing the water-based and gel pens next. Again thank you.


 "This is where I discovered the adult version of markers"

Art has always been a part of my life but I rediscovered my love for it near the end of 2017. This is where I discovered the adult version of markers. I saw many interesting artists vouch for a few brands which piqued my interest. After some time of exploring and learning about alcohol markers, I found Ohuhu was the best fit for my needs. They were inexpensive and had many positive reviews for someone like myself to begin a new art journey. I purchased my first set of the original Ohuhu markers in March 2018! I remember making an unboxing video and couldn’t contain my excitement. They ended up being everything I heard about; a variety of colors and full juicy ink. I made many anime-style portraits and characters in the beginning. But now I feel like I can do anything with them. It's taken a long trial and error stage to find my niche. Fast forward to now, 2021, and I’m still in love with these markers. I passed down my old set to my nieces, for they were inspired to take up the hobby too. I now own a few themed sets with the brush nibs and I can’t wait to add more to my growing collection. They will forever be my go-to marker sets that I hold dear among my varied mediums I now own. Just a great medium while doodling ideas in my sketchbook, making it look professional, bright and bold!


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Grace Cameron Oct 03, 2021

Early on, I was really into art. I would sketch little things in my school journals.

    When I got to middle school, I was a pro artist. I watched YouTube videos to learn. Then I became aware of art supplies... You see, I was used to using regular pencils and printer paper. I'd never even heard of "Alcohol markers." All I knew is I wanted them.

    Years later, my parents got me 4 Copic markers and a set of 12 Prismacolor markers. I was thrilled... Until I lost them. A year later, I begged my mother for more, promising to be extra-careful with 'em. She agreed and got me the 24 color set of Prismacolor Premier Markers. When Christmastime came around, I had already done loads of research on the best markers for me. And those markers were Ohuhu. 

    (Note that I like Ohuhu even better than Copic or Prismacolor because it's just great and awesome)

    Ever since I've used the vibrant and easy-to-blend colors of my favorite marker brand in the world: Ohuhu.

Oct 03, 2021 0
Adyline Duncan Sep 23, 2021

I saw people using them all the time and comparing them . I didn't have a lot of money and the other markers were way to expensive so I got the smaller pack of ohuhu markers and I loved them since the day I got them . The last few years have been very chaotic but when I did use them I used them with all my drawings I really did fall in love with them and would gladly get more in the future when I have more money 

Sep 23, 2021 0
Dayana Saravia Sep 17, 2021

I saw YouTube about alcohol markers. My family couldn't afford them, they were expensive. Until last year, I ordered my first set. I got the 120 colors fine & chisel Ohuhu marker set. After that came the 24 colors set, which was a brush & chisel set. I love both!

Sep 17, 2021 0
Lily Ellis Jul 22, 2021

These markers are amazing! I use them almost every day. I love the flat colour and ease of use. Thanks Ohuhu

Jul 22, 2021 0
Ellen Capizzi Jun 22, 2021

Adoro gli ohuhu marker, un'alternativa valida ai copic! 

Jun 22, 2021 0
Gennaro Liguori Jun 14, 2021

Non disegnavo da 11 anni e generalmente non coloravo mai i miei disegni, credevo di non essere capace. Un giorno in cui ero a casa a causa della pandemia trovai un vecchio disegno e provai a colorarlo con le matite, il risultato è venuto buono. Da quel giorno incominciai a colorare i miei disegni e così nel giro di qualche settimana decisi di provare i markers. Provai 2 marche prima di ohuhu ma la qualità era scarsa i colori non si fondevano bene, così decisi di acquistare il set da 48 markers  ohuhu. Sono rimasto piacevolmente sorpreso e mi sono innamorato di questi pennarelli. Poi ho acquistato il set per la pelle e adesso sto ordinando il set da 120 e non vedo  ora che mi arrivi☺️🖌️

Jun 14, 2021 0
Alondra Vazquez Mercado Jun 14, 2021

Cool :0

Jun 14, 2021 0
Mary Luong Jun 12, 2021

Alcohol markers had always been one of those things that seemed out of reach for me and only available to live vicariously through by watching others draw in YouTube videos. But then I saw these reviews and videos with titles like "Better than Copics?" or "The Best and Cheapest Brush Markers?!" and as clickbait as they were, those videos hooked me in. I hadn't really splurged on myself, so I bought the 120 set of markers last year! The variety of colors and the feelings of the markers are remarkable, and I am so happy with them.  I think I'm going to add to my collection with the pastel set in a few days with the 5th anniversary!

Jun 12, 2021 0
Linn Jun 06, 2021

More affordable, wanted to try them, fell in love.

I had been using ProMarkers for the past 5-6 years, and just occasionally bought a new one cause I needed a refill.
Then I accidentally stumbled upon a video by DrawingWiffWaffles, and began watching more and more of the content, especially intrigued by her comparative calculations of how affordable Ohuhu markers are and what she was able to create with Ohuhu markers.
I finally decided to check it out, and oh mah gods, I loved these markers. I got the Oahu 60 marker set and the Honolulu 24 skintones to start off, and it's so fun to use them, especially the brushmarkers. The skintone-set is so versatile and my only regret is not getting the 36-colour set from the start. 
I doubt I'll ever fall out of love with Ohuhu Markers. ^^

Jun 06, 2021 0


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