more colors????

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Rosemary Marill
Rosemary Marill

Ive been using your producs for a while and i love the fact you guys have  such vibrant colors, but I was wondering if you guys will be making colors more  Saturated in the future alcohol marker productions? I love how they currently make my work pop and it actually gave me a chance to work with my art style when I got my first pack from your company, but I was just curious if this was an idea for the future.

anna husrt Aug 16, 2020

I absolutely love the markers, but I want a bigger set, more colours, especially pastel colours. I also miss the oval shape, for me, it made them feel a little fancier.

Aug 16, 2020 0
Ohuhu Official Jul 22, 2020

Hi Rosemary, the answer to your question is YES! We are working on manufacturing larger sets of alcohol markers, brush & chisel tips. Stay tuned!

Jul 22, 2020 0


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