Acrylic Painting Set, 44pcs Ohuhu Artist Set with Wood Table-Top Easel Box, Art Painting Brushes, Acrylic Paint Tubes, and Acrylic Painting Pads for Artist Students Beginners
COMPLETE 44 PIECE SET: The Ohuhu Acrylic Painting Set is an all-inclusive art studio! Each kit includes 12 premium painting brushes, 24 acrylic paint tubes, 3 canvas panels, 1 stretched canvas, 1 desk box easel, 1 acrylic painting pad (12 Sheets), 1 paint palette and 1 color wheel
4.89 / 5
  • Best acrylic painting set ever, so many useful tools
    H. H. November 16, 2018
    My elementary age daughter loves painting, especially acrylic painting. I used to go multiple trips to the stores to get her different supplies constantly, and still we are missing something occasional. This set, however, comes with EVERYTHING you can think of to start painting right away, even with more accessories than you ever need.

    For us, the table top easel is a big help. Now she can paint like a professional artist with the canvas standing up at the perfect angel for her. And the color wheel is a wonderful tool too. Even adults may not know how to get the right color from mixing the basic prime colors. This wheel is very easy to use and understand, and provide accurate information on how to get to the third color by mixing the two existing colors. And with 24 different color paint tubes provided, it is now a breeze to create a masterpiece in any color combination you would like.

    Below is what my daughter did within 2 hours after we received this paint set. I am very pleased, so is she!
  • Perfect gift
    BPD_TX November 18, 2018
    This is a perfect gift to my younger cousin who love to paint. It contains everything a child needs to start acrylic painting. A lot of tools included are very useful, suck as the table top easel which is adjustable based on the angle you need, and the color wheel which makes generating new color by mixing existing colors much easier. I'm happy that he like this gift.
  • great gift for kids who like to paint
    Mars November 21, 2018
    This is a great gift set. I bought this for my daughter who loves painting. I opened the box in advance just to make sure things are all good. Every item in the box has good quality. I really like the wooden adjustable desk easel, making young painter feel very profesdional. Still gonna wait for X-Mas to give it to her, but I am pretty sure my daughter's gonna love it.
  • Lots of stuff
    JT November 23, 2018
    Excellent price for the stuff you get.
  • Complete set to start with
    DD November 25, 2018
    THIS set includes everything you might need to start with a acrylic painting, from the paint set, brushes, color chart, canvas to even a wooden tabletop easel, which has a drawer at the bottom to store things... Happy with the choice!
  • N/A
    larrydroy November 27, 2018
    My wife will love this set.
  • Great quality
    Amazon Customer December 6, 2018
    Absolutely what I was wanting. Very well put together!
  • Great set for a great deal
    Ashley December 7, 2018
    Everything in this box was extremely good quality. I am very impressed with it all. It's a gift for my daughter who loves art and is recently taken a intrest in canvas painting. This is the perfect starter pack for her. Has everything she needs in it.
  • Awesome!
    Amazon Customer December 17, 2018
    I bought this as a Christmas gift for my niece. While she hasn't gotten it yet I did open everything up and check it out. It is a box of fun! The box is loaded and I truly think this is everything she needs to get started painting!
  • Great present for my pre-teen.
    Amazon Customer December 27, 2018
    Was a present,  she loves it!
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