Dot Markers Kit, Ohuhu 8 Colors 10mm Diameter Dot Paint Marker (40 ml, 1.41 oz.) with a 30 Pages Activity Book, Water-Based Non-Toxic Bingo Daubers for Kids Children (3 Ages +)
DOT MARKERS SAFE for KIDS: Even if your kids get this paint marker daubers all over their hands, you can smile away your worries. These dot marker pens are completely safe for kids, and are made with non-toxic and eco-friendly materials. To avoid any stains, use aprons and oversleeves (not included) If markers get on their hand, just use a little liquid soap, no problem!


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4.87 / 5
  • Great for teachers
    Mrmorin31 December 8, 2019
    I have tried many of these different for markers during my years of teaching, but these are definitely the best. They have a small dot sponge on top, so it can’t be smashed down, if the kids press too hard. My three year old and my one year old both enjoyed playing with these. They are very versatile because they can be used as stampers or even to draw (which is how my one year old used them).
  • Good and clean
    SG November 20, 2019
    Work well for my toddler and preschooler. They are easy to use and fun for art projects. They don’t make a mess and make bright colors. The notebook that comes with is just some plain paper. My son uses it for drawing in.
  • Funk for the kids!
    JTunee November 20, 2019
    These make a great gift for kids. We recently gave these to our two year old nephew and four year old niece and they love them! They markers work really well and come in quite a few different colors. This is a great small gift for young children who like art or are crafty. They're fun! Would recommend.
  • Fun Markers
    Ana November 20, 2019
    These markers are perfect for my two young daughters. They are going to have so much fun making pictures with dots. The markers are fun colors and are a nice fit for little hands. These markers are larger then I was picturing. I love the size. Great product and great price!
  • Great bingo markers for crafts!
    Deeliteful September 17, 2019
    These markers are so fun! I remember using them when I was little and now I’m buying them for my niece. Easy to use even for little ones.
  • Love it!
    Yun Fu August 19, 2019
    My grandchildren loved it. No leaks and spills as it describes, and it dries in seconds! I loved the part that the colors are made of non-toxic and eco-friendly materials. They are safe and easy to be washed off.
  • My kids love these markers
    Rebecca August 3, 2019
    Several years ago I bought a set of dot markers and they were a big hit. I decided to order another set and like these as much as our original set. Great for small kids! My 8, 5, and 3 year old all enjoy using them.
  • Colors wonderfully!
    Dalya Blech July 29, 2019
    These are great for kids! So easy to use and the markers and thick so my girls can hold them easily without dropping them. The colors are vibrant and they dry really quick so ink doesn't get every where! A great addition to our art supplies!
  • Great product, nice
    HzHu June 26, 2019
    Well, this set is nice. My 3 and 5 year olds can't get enough of it. I am afraid I'd have to buy another set soon.
  • Great
    KG Reviewed in the United States on
    Does the job for us!
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