Dot Markers Kit, Ohuhu 8 Colors Paint Marker with a Blank 30 Pages Marker Pad
DOT MARKERS SAFE for KIDS: Even if your kids get this paint marker daubers all over their hands, you can smile away your worries. These dot marker pens are completely safe for kids, and are made with non-toxic and eco-friendly materials. To avoid any stains, use aprons and oversleeves (not included) If markers get on their hand, just use a little liquid soap, no problem!
4.92 / 5
  • I freaking love these markers
    sddg May 22, 2018
    I freaking love these markers!
    Some important things to note-
    Mine came with labels on the top of each end but heard that some people got some without that detail.
    Some of the 3 maybe...were sparkly for some reason but in no way affected the markers. They still work great.
    I got the 80 pack.
    You dont get to pick the colors that you get but it is pretty even in colors. Lots of choices.
    There are 3 flourecent colors you get. Almost highlighter like.
    Great quality for the price and I enjoy them. I havent had a problem with streaking, bleeding, degrading nibs (which they come with a chisel and bullet nibs.)
  • Excellent quality for the price
    christie nelson October 17, 2018
    These markers work very well and I would consider them very similar to copic markers
  • Easy to use
    Q_O June 23, 2019
    These dot markers are very easy to use. My kids have lots of fun with them. Colors are bright.
  • Very good price
    Andrew J. Reich June 26, 2019
    I bought these for my daughter and she loves them. And it came with a black painting book.
  • Great product, nice
    HzHu June 26, 2019
    Well, this set is nice. My 3 and 5 year olds can't get enough of it. I am afraid I'd have to buy another set soon.
  • Fun for all ages
    Brenda Ochsner July 9, 2019
    Great product, easy to use and compact so it's great to take on trips.  Both my 5 and 9 year old girls have fun with this and it's no mess, which I love!
  • Great!
    JC July 12, 2019
    Love these!
  • Awesome product
    Nick Nelson July 12, 2019
    Very easy and fun for kids
  • Quality/value
    aggalanche July 14, 2019
    Order came very quickly.  I purchased them for my granddaughter's new preschool - figured we'd send her with a first day of school gift.  :D  I've ordered other brands of this and will say that the Ohuhu dot markers are a great quality.  The colors are vibrant and the marker pad is a nice bonus.  You won't be disappointed if you purchase these!
  • fun toys for kids
    JG July 14, 2019
    I bought for my 2-year and 5-year old kids. Both of them love it. This marker kits come with a blank book, which make it very convenient to bring on travel.  You need to press the round tip of the marker a little harder to make a drawing, so it greatly prevent the kids from accidentally paint on the wall or tables, etc. I like this design a lot.