Hitch Lock, Ohuhu Receiver Hitch Pin Lock - 12" and 58" Receiver Trailer Hitch Lock - Steel Chrome Coated Dual Trailer Hitch Receiver Locking for Class III, IV, V Hitches
TWO HITCH PINS: Fits all 1/2" and 5/8" receivers.The straight portion of the 5/8 " pin that measures 2-3/4" so it is long enough to fit a 2-1/2" receiver.The 1/2 " pin that measures 1.97" has to fit a 1-1/4”receiver.They are for two kind of Ball Mounts.Please use CORRESPONDING hitch pin with your receiver.
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  • Very sturdy and well made !
    Rachael G. on August 3, 2016
    Very sturdy bike lock! Very well made and comes with 2 keys which is great so there is a spare. My dad recently gave me his Jeep Cherokee which has a tow hitch and I haven't been able to use it because I didnt have a Pin for it and now I feel more secure knowing this one is lockable! Very satisfied with this purchase/product! I will definitely be recommending this to those I know who tow. Definitely worth some time to take a look at it!

    I received this product at little to no cost in exchange for my unbiased and honest feedback. This seller has no input on my review whatsoever and all opinions are my own
  • Precision tolerances and extremely beefy construction (including the lock)
    Mike Tarrani on August 4, 2016
    I received this as a free review sample. Others have thoroughly (and helpfully) covered this pin with both verbal and graphic descriptions. Here are a few of my observations.

    First, this is exceptionally well made. Even the 1/2 inch pin is sufficiently hardened to prevent either breakage or intentional theft. The 5/8 inch pin is one of the heaviest and beefiest hitch pins I have come across.

    Second, the lock is as beefy as the rest of the assembly. It is no weak afterthought, but a truly well designed anti-theft device that can withstand a sledge hammer. It can also withstand tension and other normal forces from pulling a trailer.

    There are O-rings on both pins to seal the lock against water and salt, as well as a sealing end cap on the lock mechanism itself. The parts are machined to close tolerances and the fit of either pin into the lock assembly is smooth. The lock's internals operate very smoothly without binding, which indicates that that part's design is as well thought out as the overall assembly.

    Overall, this is superbly constructed and is both strong enough to haul to the rated capacities for either pin, and can withstand all but the most aggressive attempts at destruction and theft.
  • Great Product, I Trust It!
    Karissa M on August 9, 2016
    We use this on our SUV hitch. It is a great pin lock and very heavy duty. There are two keys - which is nice to keep one on hand and one at home in case something happens. There is a top cap which keeps dust and dirt out of the key lock. The keys work well and smoothly in this lock. The keys are not cheap or flimsy. The lock is very heavy and sturdy. It will not be breaking off easily! I use this and feel comfortable locking up my hitch with it. I highly recommend!

    I received this product for free or at a discount in exchange for my unbiased review.
  • Easy to use
    Jay on August 10, 2016
     Seems tough and well made. Comes with both size shanks and one lock mechanism that works on both. The parts all seem well made. The lock has a cap to keep mud out of the lock. Comes with 2 keys. Easy to use.

    I received a free sample to test and provide an honest reivew.
  • Good quality
    oldtora on August 12, 2016
    I just ordered a second one , for my Warrior 10" hitch extension .  Appears strong enough to hold the heavy extension .  My only question is what should I do with the second key ?
  • Secure and Sturdy Hitch Pins!
    Bargnhtress on August 12, 2016
    We leave our hitch on the truck all the time so now we don't have to worry about it being stolen.  This hitch pin was very easy to install.  It fits perfectly.  There are 2 keys so we have a spare.  There are 2 size pins in this set.  We are using the larger one but the thinner one may come in handy for our smaller vehicle in the future.  The pins are very well-designed and sturdy.  The lock opening has a cap to keep the dirt and water out.  Overall, this is a great item and a neccessity for anyone with a hitch that parked in public places.  I received a complimentary product in exchange for a fair and honest review.
  • Great Lock
    Richard Fargo on August 29, 2016
    Great lock , I like the rubber cover and a key that everyone else don't have
  • I'd buy this one again
    Andrew on August 29, 2016
    Good product.  Quick delivery.  I had it installed on my hitch before taking the delivery package into the house.
  • Five Stars
    Melissa V. on August 30, 2016
    Works perfectly and gives me piece of mind that my hitch rack is secure while I'm biking.
  • Five Stars
    Dave Conklin on September 4, 2016
    Excellent lock