Ohuhu Ice Cold Pack (6"9"11") (3 Pack)
Smart 3-pack Design for different requirements. [Large (11"), Medium (9"), Small (6")] - The small ice pack is perfect for children, or smaller aches and pains, while the two larger ones are great for teenagers and adults. Fast Relief - Ideal for application of cold therapy to help reduce pain and swelling from minor scrapes, bruises, muscle aches, sprains and strains. Recommended to help relieve pain, reduce swelling, and speed recovery. Stays cold much longer than gel packs or other cold packs.


High-quality, Allergy-free Material - Its latex-free material makes it the ideal choice for injuries and other boo-boos, sports-related or not. No more dripping and wet clothes, just instant first aid relief!

Fast Relief - Ideal for application of cold therapy to help reduce pain and swelling from minor scrapes, bruises, muscle aches, sprains, and strains. Recommended to help relieve pain, reduce swelling, and speed recovery. Stays cold much longer than gel packs or other cold packs. Suitable for sports injury and first aid.

Superior Leak-resistant Cap with large-cap opening to allow for easy filling of ice cubes or crushed ice.

Very Simple To Use - Simply fill with ice and water to relieve discomfort from headaches, bruises, migraines, muscle aches and swelling. For heat therapy, add hot water (not boiling) to help soothe an upset stomach, migraine, sinus and joint pain.

A Must-have Product - Keeps a handy ice bag in your work desk, car and home for grab-and-go comfort from pain. Whether you are experiencing the weekend hangover, headache or aching and soreness from a recent visit to your chiropractor, get the soothing relief from hot or cold therapy right away.

How to use:
1. To loosen and remove the cap turn it counter-clockwise.
2. Fill the ice bag two-thirds full with either cold tap water, ice water, crushed ice, or ice cubes.
3. Turn the cap clockwise until it is secured tightly on the ice bag.
4. Turn the ice bag upside down and firmly press on the bottom to test for leakage.
5. Apply to the desired area.
6. Condensation may form on the outside of the bag. Wrap the ice bag in a soft towel to protect the skin and to avoid condensation accumulation.
7. Apply an ice bag for 20 to 30 minutes (maximum) at a time. Continue to reapply after injury. Wait one hour between applications.


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4.9 / 5
  • Excellent product - work well and don't leak
    Mark Richter November 19, 2019
    Very adaptable, these bags have integrity and don't leak, even under pressure. The belts are easy to put on and hold the bags well in the places where we need them. I'd buy them again any time.
  • Sports injuryS
    Haggis November 1, 2019
    Love these going to place a second order. My kids are in lots of sport activities these come in handy quite often.
  • Every home needs these ice bags
    Debra L. Kusek October 16, 2019
    Bought these for a couple of planned procedures, one where I would need to keep a surgical site iced for weeks and one where I would need to use as a hot water bottle. I’m so pleased with these bags! So much better and longer-lasting than the gel packs. Can use anywhere you can have access to ice, no freezer needed. The three sizes are great to have on hand. Crushed ice in the small bag attached to my foot with the Velcro strap was a life saver after foot surgery. They are durable enough for daily use over a long period of time (I used mine 24/7 for several weeks), and they do not leak, however be aware that when filled with ice some condensation may form on the metal ring which can drip, so wrap it in a towel if you need to be careful not to get a wound dressing wet. Other than that there is nothing negative I can say about these. I recommend them to everyone I know who is having foot surgery.
  • Great!
    Kai October 16, 2019
    I love these ice packs! They stay cold and don't leak. They're great for travel as they pack up small and you can fill them from anywhere. The Velcro straps that come with them work great and keep the pack securely to the injured part of your body. Highly recommended.
  • Ice
    Donna Simone October 8, 2019
  • Good
    Jung-Un Park September 29, 2019
    Nothing bad so far.
  • Soothing comfort
    June Musick September 27, 2019
    Love the different sizes! i keep them in the fridge so they are already cold when I go to put the ice cubs in!
  • Get it!!
    Daryl Rejas September 21, 2019
    Awesome for the entire family. No sweating or water leaks, even while using laying down in different positions. Different sizes fit different body parts and/or people. Can use one for my knee (old!), the other for my son (soccer!)
  • Ice bags
    J. Gonzalez September 21, 2019
    Perfect ice bags. Love the 3 sizes. Just like the ones when I was little
  • The quality is great!
    Kstan September 20, 2019
    Used it for swelling and pain. I just love the two straps that came with it, it allows me to place the ice pack wherever I need it without it moving. The three different size allows me to use it anywhere.


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