Ohuhu Gel Ice Pack for Injuries, 14" X 11", XL Blue
Get some sweet relief. The Ohuhu Hot & Cold Gel Pack will ease any discomfort caused by sore, achy muscles and stiff joints. It’s great for sprains, muscle spasms, toothaches, fever swelling, and so much more. Use it from head to toe!


Kiss Pain Goodbye - Get some sweet relief. The Ohuhu Hot & Cold Gel Pack will ease any discomfort caused by sore, achy muscles and stiff joints. It’s great for sprains, muscle spasms, toothaches, fever swelling, and so much more. Use it from head to toe!

Hot & Cold Therapy - Toss out your hot water bottle and your ratty old ice pack. The Ohuhu Hot & Cold Pack does it all! This reusable gel pack can be frozen or warmed— just pop it in the freezer or throw it in the microwave.

Must-Have Kit -  First aid essentials for home or clinical use as it is ideal for sports injuries, muscle pains, strain & stiffness, body aches, swellings, minor burn, sprain, strain, inflammation, muscle pains and more.

14" x 11” One Size Fits All - The extra-large pack (14" x 11”) and adjustable, elastic straps will hug your body’s unique shape and ensure maximum comfort.

Though & Leak -Proof - High-quality nylon will resist extreme temperatures while preventing punctures and leaks. It’ll outlast years of wear and tear and provide a lifetime of relief.

41.jpgInstant Relief

Don’t suffer for one more second! This hot and cold pack will work its magic as soon as it comes into contact with the troubled area.

● Wait 48 hours after an injury has occurred to use heat therapy.

● Use cold therapy for the first 48 hours after an injury.

Cold Therapy

For ice therapy, place the pack in the freezer for at least 2 hours.

ICE PACK reduces swelling after injury or trauma, perfect for:

Heat Therapy

For heat therapy, microwave the pack for 30 seconds.

HOT PACK promotes blood circulation, perfect for:


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4.75 / 5
  • Excellent product!
    . December 23, 2019
    Needed this for my hip after surgery. This is easy to use and stays in place wether ambulating or sleeping. Having a 2nd ice pack is highly recommended so there’s always one you can use.
  • IT'S A MUST HAVE!!!!!
    Stephanie Quinn November 22, 2019
    Love this product. Covers very well!
    If you don't have this product in your home get as part of your first aid kit!
  • Works great
    dwayne cagle November 20, 2019
    Products are exactly what they claim to be. They are great
  • Exactly what is needed
    TMDAL November 14, 2019
    Item is as described and will be perfect .
    Con is that you could tell the the package had been opened and that is DEFINITELY NOT ACCEPABLE
  • These are a Savior
    Jodi Schneider November 12, 2019
    I bought these for when I got home after having a hip replacement. Well they work amazing. They keep cold for 30 plus minutes. I actually bought it again because I need it for multiple spots. I haven’t tried using for heating but I’m sure they will be fine. The only suggestion I have is when you take them out of the freezer lay it on a table top and spread the gel out.
  • Ice packs work when heat doesn’t.
    robert gates jr. September 16, 2019
    I never tried cold on my bad lower back,
    I’m amazed how much pain relief I have
    Gotten from the ice packs.
    Chuck September 15, 2019
    This product is very convenient to use with or without the velcro package. Microwave heats up the gel pack was quick. My son use it very time after tennis training to speed up shoulder recovery. Great product.
  • Large enough to cover knee
    T. September 5, 2019
    Great product. Had knee replacement and needed two of these, works great.
  • Excellent ice packs!
    Amazon Customer September 2, 2019
    Excellent size for my shoulder blade coverage. Love the strap system which gives me freedom to do dishes or run the sweeper while Icing. Lays flat in freezer so takes up minimal room. Washable outer bag.
  • Sturdy ice packs
    Kris Koopen October 11, 2019
    Bought these for hip replacement recovery. They stay cold for a long time. The Velcro straps on the cover would be handy if I used them, but for me, they get in the way. Don't take much time or space in the freezer. I have not tried the heating.


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