Ohuhu 100 Colors Dual Tips Marker Pens
100 VIBRANT COLORS, SUPERIOR BLENDABILITY: The highly pigmented and vibrant markers are built to last against fading, and blend beautifully for added dimension to your artwork.
4.77 / 5
    Wildrage Art October 9, 2019
    I'm an artist for a living and I've been looking for cheaper alternatives for copics,I'm so glad I found these!

    I would HIGHLY recommend these for people on a budget or for beginners❤️

    Did a little review based on my experience on playing with them for a bit

    *Blending-I'm not the best at blending with alcohol markers yet,but I think they arent bad for their price with what I was capable of doing

    *Color Variety-I wish there were more skin colors but I love the bright vibrant colors that come with it! So many colors to work with

    *Bleeding- They do bleed just a little more than copics I've noticed, but I feel like that can easily be worked around (:

    *Tips-Only complaint I have so far is that there isn't brush tips but other than that everything has been good

    Like seriously I love these markers so much already and I'll definitely be buying again❤️
  • Yes, yes, yes!!! Im in ?!
    t.praytor October 3, 2019
    I LOVE these markers! Anyone can use them. They are so pigmented and easy to use. Ill be buying more of these as gifts in the future.
  • Is it worth it ,,, yes
    Chrystal September 22, 2019
    Honestly these markers work well at blending
  • Amazing markers for a reasonable price
    K. Langley September 21, 2019
    Great markers!  Don't leave steaks at all and blends well. Amazing markers especially for the cost.  I bought them before the brush nib came out and I can't wait to try those next.  I will buy these again in the future
  • nice
    Chris September 20, 2019
    very good product
  • Great markers!
    Yary September 20, 2019
    My daughter loves these markers just like the copic markers but a better price! and love that they come in a case!
  • Really Good!
    :))) September 19, 2019
    The markers are really nice. I got the 40 pack it came with a variety of colors but not many skin tone colors. They blend really nicely and came in 3 days. They all came in great condition, no leaking or duplicates.
  • Great value set for beginners wanting to work with markers.
    Kelly H. September 19, 2019
    I like them. They're vibrant and blend well, although I wish there was colourless blender markers I could be seperate. And that they had a chisel tip. Anywho, they're good markers! You'll be hardpressed to find other alcohol based markers this cheap that work this well. I do recommend buying marker paper to try them on instead of mixed media.
  • Ecxelente para la escuela de mi hija
    Jose m. September 19, 2019
  • Good for beginners
    Genesis A September 19, 2019
    These markers a super good and cheap for alternatives to Copics !! It does bleed though If you layer it too much. Blending also hard but I'm a beginner
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