Ohuhu 12-Color Dual Tips Permanent Marker Pens, Replace-pack
Some pigments are easier to dry because of the color composition. Here are the 12-colors that are easier to get dry out. If you have a dry color in your marker set, check it here first, see if there are the colors you need.
4.74 / 5
  • Markers with both fine and broad tips!
    Jill H. July 31, 2016
    This 40 package of oil-based color markers come with 2 different sized marker tips on each marker, allowing you to color with either a broad-based or fine-based tip. Each marker tells you which end is broad and which end is fine so you will not have to take the caps off to find out. The caps are color-coded and also have the written name of the colors on them, making it easy to return the right color cap to the right color marker. The markers also come in a nice black soft carry case.

    These markers seem like high quality markers to me. In my opinion, the pigments are very rich, easily filling in the spaces that are colored. They high quality pigments might work better for people using high quality paper and maybe not so well for coloring pre-printed coloring pages on regular paper. They bled through the paper in my adult coloring book, as well as onto the next page's drawing. They also bled through a coloring page with what felt like thicker paper. They didn't bleed through the manga/marker illustration paper I also colored them with. I feel that high quality markers deserve high quality paper, which is why I think they did an excellent job coloring on manga/marker illustration paper and would do great coloring on other types of high quality paper!

    It does take some effort to get some of the caps snapped into place, but once they are on I feel like they do a great job of keeping the ink fresh for the next use.

    Also, I only ran into one marker that the ink came out really quick with. It must have dried up because it seemed to work normally the next time I used it.

    The two different size tips really helped me with coloring because the broad tips colored bigger areas and the fine tips helped with fine details. I don't remember ever using markers with two tips before. It was a great surprise to notice that the markers have this feature!

    My review= 4.5 out of 5 stars

    I received this product free in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.
  • Alcohol based markers blend the best and are great for those who are serious about ...
    Mandilyn August 2, 2016
    I've had my eye on markers that are of a similar style to these and are used by my professional comic and tattoo artist friends, but those ones cost upwards of $6- $8 A PIECE! That's quite an insane price in my opinion. These markers come in a pack of 40 and are much cheaper, but are of a very similar quality. Colors are very bold and vibrant and I was really impressed with how well the blend! Alcohol based markers blend the best and are great for those who are serious about their art. These came with a really nice, black fabric case that has a handle and zips up which is great for travel if you are an artist who does conventions and art shows. You can see the shade, color number, and color name right on the cap of the marker regardless of which end you are looking at.

    The bold tip is great for larger areas and have a angled tip so you can also use these for calligraphy and fancy fonts. The other end has a thinner tip which is great for outlines and smaller areas. The markers don't bleed through onto the next page or even the back of the page you are coloring so if you want to use these in a coloring book, you totally can! Great for serious artists and those who just like to play around for fun as well.

    I did receive these at no cost in order to thoroughly test and provide my honest opinion. Your thoughts and experience may vary from that of my own.
  • Extremely affordable Copic dupes
    Kito August 10, 2016
    I ordered these markers as a cheap alternative to Copic Markers, just to test them out. The color payoff is incredible and the colors are accurate to the packaging. The only thing that would make it better is if there were more colors! They arrived really quickly and in perfect condition. I can't wait to see what other products Ohuhu offers.
  • Beautiful quality, beautiful tones!
    D. Deitz August 11, 2016
    Beautiful markers, both broad tip and fine tip!

    I want to state first that I love the variety of colors contained in this set but what I also love about this set set is the slight subtle differences between one color and its lighter or darker shade! The subtle differences make shading very possible and extremely easy! So from the graphic artist, the artist, or the casual colorer who desires or needs that shading ability without having the repeat strokes constantly, these markers are beautiful in tha respect!

    Upon recieving these markers I opened each and every one of them to check the color out but also to figure out if I had an "gushers", and to my amazement every marker was in pristine coloring condition with no gushers on either fine or broad tip ends. Way to go!!

    These markers do remarkably well on most any paper/board surface and color easily with a smooth pigment lay down.

    I would not hesitate to purchase this set or (if available) others sets of markers from Ohuhu...but then, every product and I mean EVERY Ohuhu product I have received whether because I purchased at full price or with a reviewers discount (which this set was a reviewers discount) I have been immensely impressed with! Ohuhu seems to go to great efforts in creating good products and making sure that the manufacturing of those products are consistent and of quality! I can honestly say that Ohuhu products are worth spending money on, and this is my unbiased opinion as a consumer who is very conscience of her spending habits. Thank you.
  • Great markers for coloring .
    Amazon Customer August 12, 2016
    I love these markers. They color smoothly and having the dual tips makes it so much easier for fine lines.  I would definitely buy more.
  • These Are High Quality Markers At A Great Price
    Lori Green August 21, 2016
    I tested these Markers against Copic for color saturation and vibrance. There was almost no difference. There was a slight hue difference between similar markers as each company will have it's own version of the hue.  I was so impressed as Copic markers are considered among the industry best. For the price I paid for them compared to the price of these markers there is no doubt which ones I will be using in the future. I just love this set that much.  The tips are different, but when you use them the lines are so similar I could achieve the same look and blend.  I received this set with a promotion and now I am a fan. I have been an artist for 30 years and was asked to give an honest opinion with no compensation for that opinion. As an added bonus you get a case to keep them in and carry easily in your art bag. It even fit in my portfolio bag easily.
  • I’m In Love
    Kindle Customer August 21, 2016
    I am a writer and illustrator.  I write and draw on a regular basis. When drawing, having a great set of markers means everything to me.  I have many types of markers by different companies but I prefer to use the Copic or PrismaColor markers.  When I came across Ohuhu markers, I honestly was skeptical about buying them.  After reviewing the product description, I decided for the price I should order the 40 marker set with the free case.

    Well, I was so glad I did. These markers are great. I found no real difference between the Copic or PrismaColor markers. They have both a fine and flat tip. The colors are vibrant, they blend and mix well. They are great to layer and shade with. I did notice that the Ohuhu markers were not as bulky as the PrismaColor markers. The body of the Ohuhu markers have more sleeker design unlike the square shaped Copic markers, which makes for a more comfortable grip. The case was very nice, pens fit nice and snug in the case.

    Over all the only thing I could say about this product is that I wish I would have know about these markers prior to spending so much money on other markers.

    I have already let my friends and family know.
  • Five Stars
    gina dunbar August 29, 2016
    Loved them
  • Five Stars
    brown August 29, 2016
    I love the assorted colors!! It was a little bit of everything and the price was fabulous!
  • Great set of markers
    Shannon August 29, 2016
    Happy with purchase, very nice variety of colors.  Love that they come in a storage bag.