Ohuhu 12 Colors Highlighter Markers with 12 Replacement Refills
Amazon.com : Ohuhu 12 Colors Highlighter Markers with 12 Replacement Refills, Chisel Tip Highlighters, Assorted Soft & Fluorescents Colors Bible Marker for Adults Kids Journaling, Highlighting, Bible Study, Tabs : Office Products


4.92 / 5
  • Love these!!!
    K. King January 9, 2020
    Seriously love these! Any color I could ever imagine is included in the set. The colors are bright and vibrant. I love that they click open. That is very convenient! I am even more impressed that refills are included. This is such a great value for what it cost! I am so excited about this purchase and highly recommend it!
  • AWESOME DEAL! The kids LOVED them!
    Theresa Coker December 28, 2019
    I had been looking for these on and off for a while now. I was wanting a different highlighter for my Bible. So, when I ran across these I thought....this will work GREAT! They arrived quickly and were packaged just as shown in photos and description. I was rounding up some things for a needy family on Christmas Eve and when I walked past these I thought that would be just the type of thing 3 boys would like! And, they loved them! I can't wait to get the photos they promised me! I will definately be re-ordering a set of these for myself! LOL
  • Good
    Jeff zhang December 16, 2019
    The quality is not bad. I like the colors.
  • Worth the money!
    Chris November 7, 2019
    I use these for bullet Journaling and they are great! There's 6 fluorescent highlighter colors and 6 soft highlighter colors included. And there are also 12 refills included, a great ideal to save money.
    Highly Recommended!
  • High quality, super fun for kids
    Hannah H. Reviewed in the United States on
    I actually bought these for my kids to color with in place of regular markers. My kids kept losing their marker lids and we couldn't keep markers in our house for very long without them drying out. I searched for clickable/retractable markers for kids, but I guess that's not a thing!!! The only retractable markers I could find were Sharpies. So I decided to try these highlighters. The quality of these highlighters is excellent, and my kids love coloring with them. Plus, I no longer spend the majority of my life picking marker lids off the floor. Thank goodness. I'll definitely buy more from this brand. Prices seem fair and again, I'm so impressed with the quality.
  • good color intensity
    xiu chen Reviewed in the United States on
    I've been using them for months before I comment on them, and I love each color, it's light and bright, and it has replacement refills in it. When I run out of ink I can change the refill and make a new pen on top of the same pen. I am very satisfied with this shopping, which has helped my study. Thank seller.
  • Good for me!!
    Bookyj0074 Reviewed in the United States on
    A tad bit light but does the trick love’em!
  • Love these highlighters!
    ArtsyGal Reviewed in the United States on
    I'm really pleased with these highlighters. I constantly highlight my class notes so having 12 colors to choose from makes it fun. Really love that the markers have true fine tips are styled like pens. There are no caps to keep up with either. Having the refills included is so convenient. I'll probably order another set to keep with my art supplies.
  • Best buy so far!
    Jeurrena Davis Reviewed in the United States on
    Just received them today! I’m so excited to start studying with them. As a nursing student, these are definitely essential.
  • Great selection of colors and easy to refill
    Leah Maines, best-selling, award Reviewed in the United States on
    The 24 Packs Highlighter Markers have good flow. They have a nice range of colors that are easy to read. The markers last a long time, and they come with refills. The quality of the markers is very good.
    This is a good value for the money.
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