Ohuhu 12 Colors Highlighter Markers with 12 Replacement Refills
Amazon.com : Ohuhu 12 Colors Highlighter Markers with 12 Replacement Refills, Chisel Tip Highlighters, Assorted Soft & Fluorescents Colors Bible Marker for Adults Kids Journaling, Highlighting, Bible Study, Tabs : Office Products
4.93 / 5
  • What a steal!
    Rebecca&Roel January 22, 2020
    These look great! I’m writing the review as I’m opening the package so I can’t comment on longevity yet but hopefully they last and they come with refills which is a huge bonus. Notice how I wrote with both the fat vs thin side of the marker so you can see if they fit your highlighting needs, hope this helps!
  • Good highlighter pens
    LG January 22, 2020
    I admit I was a bit skeptical when these arrived. The colors just seemed...weird. Who uses a gray highlighter? Or a weird golden yellow? But, after a bit more investigation, I've decided I like these a lot. When I first looked at the actual pens, some of the colors seemed like they'd be very similar, but when I actually tested them side by side, they're all distinct, as you can see from the photo I included--the pens being reviewed here are on the left side of the sheet. Just for fun I decided to compare them to a more "traditional" (you know, all the colors are "neon") set of another brand of highlighters that I already have and as you can see (my old ones are on the right hand side of the page), the neon colors are almost identical. So, this set includes most of the usual neon colors you get in a normal set of highlighters, and it also has 6 other colors that are a bit more "earthy", but also still useful for highlighting. I've only had them a short while and haven't used them much yet, so can't yet speak to longevity or durability, but at this point I can tell you that they are colorful, easy to read through (gray and dark blue might be a bit dark to use on small text), operate smoothly and seem to close up nicely when retracted, which should help them last a long time. Recommended.
  • Great quality highlighters
    Sagewood January 21, 2020
    I ordered these Ohuhu highlighters for my kids since a new semester has just started and we decided to restock on supplies. My kids really like the chisel tip design of the highlighters, and we got the 24 (12 highlighters + 12 refills) highlighters pack with the replacement refills since we know some of them would be given to a family friend who doesn't have any. We like that we could get them in bulk since we will have extras for next year and it will be enough for all my 4 kids. My kids like that the highlighters are very colorful, so they were able to pick the colors they liked which was really nice. They say the markers are vibrant and easy to read when used on text. Even darker colors like blue and purple worked great for the kids. Overall this is a great pack of highlighters that get the job done, awesome value for money and work great. I would recommend them.
  • Great set
    B. McCarthy January 18, 2020
    The markers in this were very nice. It really comes with a lot. You get so many colors. You can create something very nice. The quality was pretty good.

    We really like art kits. I would much prefer them doing something than watching something. It is so important for them to be able to use their creativity.

    It is nice because they can spend the time doing it. They are excited when they make something themselves. They love to make new art.

    The product was great. Everything worked perfectly. This is a great activity for a rainy day or a day when your child is sick or when you are just stuck at home. It is a good way to keep a child – or adult - busy.
  • Good product
    Amazon Customer January 17, 2020
    Good for work.
  • Great Value
    Alyssa January 15, 2020
    Great highlighters at a great price! Perfect to use for my budget planner. Love that they come with refills! Will purchase again.
  • Perfect highlighters if you tend to loose caps!
    Nicole P January 12, 2020
    I am famous for loosing pen or highlighter caps. So the clicker aspect of these highlighters make them a winner in my book. These come in 12 colors, each color labelled on the actual pen itself. It also comes with 12 refills, which is a huge bonus if you want to use them a lot.

    They are fairly vivid colors, especially the blues, the purples, and the orange. Those were my favorite colors. What I also appreciated is that it didn't soak through to the other side of a page. Perfect coloring or highlighting while you read. I definitely recommend!
  • Easy to read
    Delaney Demarco January 12, 2020
    These highlighters are awesome! Since I love to color code everything, and this has so many color choices for me! I love it very much!! It’s so worth for this price!! Also, it’s very easy to read! 10/10 recommended:)
  • Good colors
    Amazon Customer January 11, 2020
    Very good value product. The package looks very nice as well. The colors of the set are also very nice. Many bright colors and cute colors.
  • Perfect for My Studies
    Jaguar Jessie Jones January 10, 2020
    I'm so glad I got these. I love staying colorful when I'm arranging my notes around in my books and trying to study specific details. These highlighters come in all the colors I need just for note taking and what not. I like to use the warm colors for crucial words, the yellows for definitions, and the cool colors for my favorite things I've learned or things I've pretty much memorized with ease. It helps me keep track of what I've done and haven't, and to help me stay focused. I have the worst focus. . like a squirrel. . and this highlighters are SO helpful being bright and different as they are.
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