Ohuhu 120 Colors Dual Tips Alcohol Art Markers, Brush & Chisel
120 VIBRANT COLORS + 1 FREE COLORLESS BLENDER: The rainbow is at your fingertips - choose from 48 brilliant colors and bring your ideas to life. Whether it's a coloring book or a masterpiece in the making, your artwork is sure to shine with these brush markers.


5 / 5
  • Amazing experience with this product!
    Addison Perry Reviewed in the United States on
    To put it simply, I am absolutely blown away by this product. To be completely honest, at first I didn’t think the markers would be the best quality because of such the affordable price. Yet after using them and seeing the quality of the casing and the markers themselves I was extremely pleased. These markers deserve a thorough review so I will break it up into sections.

    FYI: I didn’t buy this off of amazon although I thought it would be nice to share my opinion on the markers.

    1. Ink quality: I was so happy to see that the ink in this markers is good quality. The brush nib on the markers is so good for blending colors and honestly it’s good enough where you don’t even have to use the colorless blender that comes with then 120 marker set. The ink is vibrant and bold and catches the eye. The markers have such a wide color range that it is good for all projects! There are vibrant colors, pastel colors, and simply regular colors.
    2. Markers: The markers themselves are easy to hold and comfortable in the hand. I have experience many markers that have made my hand sore after using them for a while, but this product did not do that. The casing on the markers is good quality for the price and it has great labels. Labels on markers are so important as they make it easier to organize and find your favorite colors. These markers have letter/number labels along with a color label (“black”, “orange”, etc)
    3. Carrying bag: The travel and storing case that the markers arrive in is very good. Most markers don’t come in nice traveling cases but this one does. It is a good quality bag and is perfect for artists because it provides a place to store the markers when the are not in use.
    4. Shipping: Ohuhu did an amazing job with the shipping of the marker set. It came promptly and wasn’t damaged whatsoever. This was probably the fastest I have ever received a set of markers.
    5. Great for all ages: These markers are so versatile as they are perfect for all levels of art. I draw professionally and for fun. These markers perfectly meet my needs and I would be surprised if they didn’t meet the needs of other artists. They are also great for kids as they are cheap and easy to replace if they break.
    6. Price: At first I was skeptical of these markers because of how affordable they are. But after using them and seeing them in person I wasn’t let down. They are good quality and do almost as good of a jobs as more expensive brands such as Copic markers which go for around $6 a marker! Overall, this is a great alternative to the more expensive marker brands and it does just as good of a job with day to day artwork and projects
    7. Customer service: Lastly I would like to touch on the amazing Ohuhu customer service. I spoke with a Ohuhu representative and they were not only really nice to work with but they were fast to respond and very helpful. If there were any problems with the product I’m sure that they would be happy to help fix them.

    In conclusion this is a great buy and I totally recommend not just this markers set but all of Ohuhu’s products. This is a great set of markers for professional and beginner artists. It’s even great for kids. I can’t wait to see what Ohuhu has in store next!
  • This is amazing
    Khrissy lank Reviewed in the United States on
    This was amazing I love it so much and there are so manny markers it’s cheep bits it’s suck good quality these remind me of copics these are the 2nd best marker I have ever used
  • Great price and product
    Maylynn Reviewed in the United States on
    Love these blends beautifully great quality
  • Excellent for Beginner to Intermediate Artists
    Aubrey Arensdorf Reviewed in the United States on
    - Great light colors including pink peach yellow yellow-green green blue but not purple (light but not pastel); the set is largely midtone
    - Good range of earthy and bright
    - There are about 11 "skin tones"

    As a lover of the original Ohuhu markers I waited months for the 120 set of brush tip Ohuhu markers - The reviews on the smaller sets consistently reported few light colors and I view pastel as essential to my aesthetic.

    This set has a good range of light to dark colors (though mostly midtone) and earthy to bright tones. The pastel colors included are several pastel pinks, pastel blue, pastel yellow, pastel green, pastel peach, pastel yellow green, several light greys (blue-grey, green-grey warm-grey and cool greyx2). They have a light-ish purple but I would not call it pastel - this is the ONLY color I think they are missing in the lightest range. The comparable copic colors include EOO, YG11, B00, YR02, R00, C1, E41, YG11. The lightest purple is similar to V15.

    They have 11 tones that can be considered "skin color" from the lighthest R18 and R19 to mediums BR 3, BR2, YR5, Y9, Y11, and YR 4, to the darker tones BR1 Y12 Y13 .

    Some of the other stand-out features of this brand are the unusual greys ( 4 green greys and 5 blue greys are included with warm greyes, neutral greys, and cool greys). The yellow tones especially are very unusual earthy tones and I am excited to use all of them.

    My only critiques are that I wish there was an even darker red, a little more tonal variation in the pinks and reds like there is in their quite unusual yellows blues and greens, and a very pastel purple.

    Thanks Ohuhu!
  • Not bad
    Amazon Customer Reviewed in the United States on
    Seem like good quality for the money.
  • Great markers with great price
    Susan Justice Reviewed in the United States on
    Great set of brush markers. Customer service is very good too if you have any issues. Recommended especially if you just want to get started with markers, makes a great travel set too.
  • Amazing Markers
    Helen Reviewed in the United States on
    I was really impressed by wth these markers. I have other sets and these outshine all of them. The brush tip fantastic and you are able to do fine lines with it. They blend well and the colors are fantastic. I am so glad I purchased and would recommend this product.
  • Best Copic alternative out there!
    Tinitunes Reviewed in the United States on
    Oh man, I'm in love. I got the 120 set with brush & chisel tip. The colors are beautifully saturated. The brush tip is nice and flexible and goes to a very fine point, making it easy to control line width with pressure and angle. They blend really well, and I have not had any issues with streaking. Honestly, drawing with these I almost forgot I wasn't using my copics, they were just so smooth to use. The fact that they perform so well given how affordable they are is super impressive.

    The color selection is really nice, it covers all the bases. It's got a nice range of soft pastels to deeply saturated darks. There is a good collection of skin tones, and a very solid range of greys in different hues.

    I wasn't sure how I felt about the round barrels, but they have little tabs to prevent them from rolling. I really like that the tips are reversible, so if you're hard on your markers you can pull them out and flip them over. I will note that in my experience most of the colors are a shade darker than the color on the cap. The set does come with a little printed color chart, but i highly recommend making your own swatches for accuracy.

    Ohuhu does not sell refills and you currently can not purchase individual markers, but considering the price i still consider these to be incredible value for money. Especially when you add in the colorless blender, plastic protector to prevent bleeding, and the carrier bag.
  • Great markers
    Kat Reviewed in the United States on
    For the price these are excellent markers. Don’t know how long the tip will last without fraying but if you pull it out and flip it over you have a new tip. I do like the brush tip a lot. Great markers. Would buy again. Closest To copics that I have tried yet. Also my order arrived a day early.
  • Im obsessed with ohuhu...
    RoxyBeauty Reviewed in the United States on
    The first time I used theses markers . I was in love.. I bought both their regular markers and brush markers and then they came out with sketch pads. OMG!!!!! I went completely nuts.if you cant get the copic markers then these brush tip will help with the copic fix!
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