Ohuhu 168 Colors Dual Tips Alcohol Art Markers, Brush & Chisel
Totally 168 Colors + 1 Free Colorless Blender. A Combo Pack of 120-color Set and 48-pastel-color Set.
Totally 168 Colors + 1 Free Colorless Blender. A Combo Pack of 120-color Set and 48-pastel-color Set.


Ohuhu 168-Color Art Markers Set, Dual Tip, Brush & Fine Sketch Marker for Sketching, Adult Coloring, Calligraphy, Drawing and Illustration Markers


Ohuhu 168-Color Art Markers Set, Brush & Fine Tip, Features:

1. BRUSH & CHISEL, DOUBLE-TIP, DOUBLE THE FUN: Widen your artistic horizons with the dual-tip marker design! Choose the brush tip for sweeping, calligraphic strokes or quickly color in large areas with the wide chisel tip. The only limit is your imagination.

2. EASY BLENDING, NO SMUDGING: Forget about blotchy, uneven coloring. High-quality ink blends seamlessly to achieve beautiful coloring effects, even for beginners. Plus, your artwork will never fade or smudge with time.

3. 168 VIBRANT COLORS + 1 COLORLESS BLENDER: This set is a combo pack of 120-color set and the 48-pastel-color set.T The rainbow is at your fingertips - choose from 168 brilliant colors and bring your ideas to life. Whether it's a coloring book or a masterpiece in the making, your artwork is sure to shine with these brush markers.

4. ALCOHOL-BASED INK, DRIES INSTANTLY: Never let wet ink ruin your work again! Draw smudge-free thanks to its fast-drying, alcohol-based formula.

5. FIND COLORS FAST: Don't waste time looking for the right color. Color-coded caps keep tips from drying out and help you find any marker in a flash. As a bonus, the free carrying case keeps your markers organized and portable for any coloring adventure! Also, this is a great Christmas gift idea.



Dive into the forest with this oil painting. Art credit, @rosies.sketchbook
Work on a small canva and create some lovely blends with Acrylic paints. Art credit, @rosies.sketchbook
Settle in the colors. Revel in the lines. Art Credit, @andrianas_art
Let flowers blossom under your brush. Art Credit, @colorsbybhavana
Use Ohuhu gel pen to increase the brightness of bling bling! :D @halalelaa
When the Autumn slowly has the taste of Winter.⁠ ⁠ Art credit, @rosies.sketchbook⁠ 🍂 🍁 🏔️

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