Ohuhu 3-in-1 Tens Unit, FDA Cleared, 36 Modes and 8 Reusable Pads
The Ohuhu 3-in-1 Combo Electrotherapy Device gets rid of tension, stiffness, stress, and pain in a few short minutes. It’s 100% safe, non-invasive, and drug-free! It’s a must have for physical laborers, office workers, stay at home parents, students.

64.jpg3-in-1 Combination Unit - One machine, multiple possibilities. This Tens device is a TENS unit machine, EMS muscle stimulator, and pulse massager all in one. It’ll relieve tension, fatigue, and even increase muscle strength.

Relief That Lasts: Don’t suffer any longer. The Ohuhu 3-in-1 Tens Unit provides pain relief that’ll help you feel better in an instant.

36 Specialized Treatment Modes - Now two treatments are created equal— that’s why we’ve pre-programmed this TENS machine with 36 unique settings. You’ll enjoy 18 TENS modes, 15 EMS modes, and 3 MASS modes. Each setting includes a variety of treatment methods (knocking, kneading, shiatsu, vibration, tapping, acupuncture, etc.) to target muscle groups from head to toe.

Choose Your Intensity - Whether you need a little bit of comfort or some intense relief, the Ohuhu 3-in-1 Electrotherapy Unit can do it all. Two independent channels, 4 outputs, and 8 reusable pads provide ultra-targeted treatment, while 60 levels of intensity guarantee a fully-customizable experience.

FAD Cleared - This FDA-approved device is a combined TENS unit and EMS muscle stimulator and pulse massager, all in one! (Note: Not suitable for pregnant women and hypertension patients, and not suit for people with pacemakers.)


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