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Ohuhu 48 Colors Dual Tips Alcohol Art Markers, Brush & Chisel

Based on 148 reviews


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Alcohol-Based The Alcohol-Based Ink Dries Quickly but Holds Color for Ages
Brush Firm Tip Bring Your Lines to Life with the Variable Brush Tip
Broad Tips Produce Fine Details & Create Bold at the Same Time
Ink Flow Create Wet Lines as Soon as the Nib Touches the Paper



Splash-Proof and Made to Last

Accidental water can’t ruin your fun either, thanks to the waterproof formula.

Seamless Blending and Color Mixing

High-quality ink blends seamlessly to achieve beautiful coloring effects, even for beginners.

Color-Coded Caps

Stay organized with colored caps and prevent tips from drying out.



  • Amazing Markers!!
    Martoon November 7, 2019
    I was gonna give these a 4 star review cause I did get a couple dried up markers, but after trying them I couldn’t. I’ve used copics for a couple years now, and except for the lack of colors available, these markers are as good as any copic I’ve ever used!! The inks are fantastic and blend beautifully, and the new brush tips had me checking the markers I was using a couple times to make sure they weren’t copics!!! If only they had 300 more colors to choose from...,
  • nice product
    janset November 6, 2019
    exactly what i want - very blendable
  • Works Just as Good
    haleyrose0216 November 4, 2019
    I absolutely ADORE these markers. They blend seamlessly, the colors are vibrant without any muddiness, and the quality compared to price blows my mind.  They are on par with my expensive copic markers. I would 100% suggest these to anyone just getting into alcohol markers or anyone just wanting to expand their collection.

    * The ONLY down side I have found so far about these markers is that the colors do not match the caps, but if you make a swatch chart for reference its really not a big deal.
  • Good quality and last forever
    Sarahs6kids November 2, 2019
    My daughter has not put them down. She loves them!
  • WOW, so impressed
    Sandy Gao October 31, 2019
    I am so impressed with the markers, so easy to blend. I am a beginner only. I only use it for coloring cards. I found a random picture online and coloring it.  I love the results. I was going to spend big money buying Copic marker but I am so glad I didn't it. I watch many videos on youtube comparison between both markers. I end up choosing this one because it's very comparable to Copic markers and a much lower price.
  • Nice
    katera bell October 29, 2019
    They are nice to work with.  Although I wish there was a wider selection of colors they are still awesome and worth the money.
  • Amazingly wonderful markers!
    niftyfifty October 29, 2019
    These feel more like painting after I’ve been used to the bullet tip so I’ve been experiencing a “learning curve’ but the results are beautiful. The colors are very vibrant and they ‘blend’ quite easily. I would say, if you want a really nice alcohol marker set that is also affordable, this is the one! These marker colors have a lot of “depth”.
  • The Best Markers for Beginners!
    Amazon Customer October 27, 2019
    Very noice colors, they are good markers for beginners. They blend together so well!! And it comes with a bag to carry all your markers! Overall, the best markers for a low price!!!!
  • Love them
    william t. mccoy October 26, 2019
    I love the new design! I don’t have one bad thing to say.
  • Amazing for starting out.
    raven Alloway October 26, 2019
    Amazing markers for if you are just starting with markers and blending.


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