Ohuhu 60 Color Fine & Chisel Tips, for Manga Comic Illustrations
60 WELL-SELECTED COLORS + 1 COLORLESS BLENDER: This set includes well-selected colors from various color families, which is a very useful set for shading and coloring skin tones. Perfect for the beginners of manga, comic illustrations, cartoons, and costume designs.


4.78 / 5
  • Five Stars
    Amazon Customer Reviewed in the United States on
    Overall really good product. It has a little bit of fume but still good compare to other markers
  • These markers are great. I'm very pleased with my purchase
    Amira xo Reviewed in the United States on
    I wanted an inexpensive alternative to Copic markers and I definitely made the right choice! These markers are great. I'm very pleased with my purchase.
  • Excellent quality for the price!!!
    moepieface Reviewed in the United States on
    These markers are excellent quality for the price! I recently purchased 12 Spectrum Noir Illustrator markers for $25 and they dried out quickly, the brush tips were frayed and the ink flow inconsistent. The quality of the Ohuhu markers far surpasses the Illustrator markers and I got 48 more colors for $5 more! Definitely would purchase again.
  • Great bunch of pens
    Sunnywarmday! Reviewed in the United States on
    Great bunch of pens, but we bought thinking they were shading pens for Manga drawers, but they're not so returning them, but they came quickly, were really cute in their black pen pouch, lots of pens, my goodness!
  • Highly recommend!
    Shali Reviewed in the United States on
    These markers are incredible! Glide on the paper. My son made an origami yoda and colored it in with the green marker. I thought it was green paper! Highly recommend!
  • Amazing Markers!!
    Tanya Singleton Reviewed in the United States on
    Ok, after reading a few reviews I was sceptical buying these but thought I'd give them a shot. For starters, they came in an amazing storage bag to keep them all organized. They do bleed through the page but so do most markers so I expected this. These markers aren't for people who are heavy handed because they do spread a bit. The colors were amazing and they blend effortlessly. I didn't encounter any dried out markers as some people claimed. You do need to listen the cap to let air in before completely removing the cap or the ink will leak a bit but that also wasn't a problem for me. For the price these are the best markers I've found. I spent double that for a marker set at a craft store and didn't get as any colors or the quality I got with these. I highly recommend d these.
  • Great Deal :0
    Makenzie Reviewed in the United States on
    These markers are great!! As a hobby artist and poor student who won't be able to afford copics for a while, these are a wonderful substitute for the time being. The price is amazing considering how many markers you get, and my only wish would be to have more skin tones but you can just buy separate skin tone marker packs.
  • A bargain for Cardmakers, Doodlers and Coloring Book Lovers!
    Hey Mimi Reviewed in the United States on
    I purchased the 60 pen set and they arrived quickly! I am delighted with my purchase and only wish that I had ordered the 80 pc set. Love the bullet nibs for coloring "doodle art" and stamped images. Others have mentioned that they bleed through the paper, and many of the colors are very close in hue... but these are the nature of all alcohol based "Art" markers. The are meant to flow and blend together smoothly. And having multiple hues of a color allows the artist to add dimension to an image. (For example, the multiple greys let you color a black dog that isn't just a solid blob of black).

    If you are using these on the latest craze: adult coloring books: be sure and choose a book with nice thick pages, with images only on the front side of the paper. A cheap coloring book will have average weight paper and often printed on the front and back of the sheet. You could use water-based markers or colored pencils on them, but you still probably won't like the result. It might end up blotchy or be hard to lay down a rich layer of color (on average weight paper, I mean).

    But these alcohol markers give a smooth even result, pretty close to what I get from my Copic markers that run $7 each pen! If you are just coloring images for fun or card making, I think you will be thrilled with these. Lately, I'm really liking the control of the bullet nib more than the Copic brush tips. I wish I could buy some add-on sets now, I like these so much!

    Finally: I expected the zippered pouch to be a throw-away quality, but to my surprise, it's quite nice! I like the handle, zipper and the way the markers stand up in it. Once zipped closed, it's easy to lay it on it's side to store the markers horizontally if you want to. It's really a handy little storage pouch, which makes this set an even greater bargain!
  • Great Price !
    Sandra D. Reviewed in the United States on
    These are quite a deal for the price. A couple of them were dried out even letting them stay on their side but considering the price it's not that big of a deal. They blend pretty well. I use them for coloring books.

    This is my 3rd set of Ohuhu Markers. I've given away my others because when I show family how alcohol markers work, they want them ! At this price, you can't beat them. They are alcohol markers so they will bleed and that's normal. You learn how to use them well enough and they won't bleed outside the lines. Use the correct card stock for working with alcohol markers and you're set to go. Lay a sheet of paper under your work and this helps with bleeding and blending. These are perfect for people who aren't sure they are ready to make big expenditures on higher priced alcohol markers. They're great for practicing blending without breaking the bank. It does take practice and patience to learn how to blend with any alcohol markers. These are perfect for beginners or those on a budget. I love them and think they are a great deal. I don't have to worry about blowing money when I'm playing with these. I can use them as much as I want without worrying about using them up. Higher priced alcohol markers can cost hundreds of dollars and I have those too. With these, at this price, I can play and keep expanding my skills in blending without fear of spending tons of money. They're a great deal for any hobbyist.
  • Got these for my daughter, she absolutely LOVES them ...
    BudzMcGee Reviewed in the United States on
    Got these for my daughter, she absolutely LOVES them. She is an aspiring artist, and these markers are helping her improve her technique. Will have to order more!
Use a marker and gel pen together to create a perfect diamond sparkle. Art Credit, @rosies.sketchbook
Spring adds new life and new beauty to all that is. art credit, @rosies.sketchbook
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