Ohuhu 60 Colors Dual Tips Alcohol Art Markers, Fine & Chisel
The highly pigmented and vibrant markers are built to last against fading and blend beautifully for added dimension to your artwork.


4.8 / 5
  • Great
    S. L. Johnson November 17, 2019
    Great value and perfect for my daughter and her masterpieces
  • Markers
    Elizabeth Alcala November 17, 2019
    These markers are great for coloring and nice colors
  • Great buy!
    Thomas Evans November 15, 2019
    These markers were great! I got these because my markers were these random ones i ordered on like wish or Something. Long story short they weren't good at all. So i got these ones. And im really happy i did because they had great colors and actually worked with the paper i was using.
  • Art for a reasonable price
    Andrea Rangel November 15, 2019
    A great purchase for a good price. Really love how well they blend togther and the way the colors stand out. Definitely will purchase more of their product. 10/10
  • Nice Effect
    Diane M. November 15, 2019
    I like these and so does my grandson. He ordered some for his friend too.
  • My daughter loves them
    TheHunterGT November 14, 2019
    Daughter is pretty decent at art. So I want to be a supportive dad and get her creative tools for the job. She wanted some nice markers and these seemed to catch her eye. We decided to go with them and are very glad we did. She says the colors are nice - they don't run or bleed - and her art has extra "pop" to it lately. She uses them just about every day and is always smiling when shes does. Happy daughter - happy dad - would buy again - 10/10.
  • That they are affordable.
    Nathan Houston November 13, 2019
    To color my drawing. The colors blends smoothly with no hard edges. I really love the product.
  • Okay
    Amazon Customer November 12, 2019
    Great colors. Caps are a bit hard though. Scent is a bit much for my liking. But its doable
  • lovely, weird odor, robust
    kim bui November 11, 2019
    i do lots of fine and small architecture work, so i thought the fine tip would be good, but in reality the chisel tip is way better. you get more even and smooth tones, and it blends easier too. the scent is a little off, not like copic alcohol smell, more like plastic or metal. the volor assortment is a little lacking for 40 colors, but that may be becayse if what i draw. anyways, it does not streak ballpoint pens, and pencil does not ruin either tip. these things are robust and will last you a long while. if you are looking for cheap copic altetnatives, but noy a brush marker, use this!
  • Very good, arrived on time
    Egan Monahan November 11, 2019
    These are a very good quality, and a decent amount for the price, good substitute for Copic markers!
Use a marker and gel pen together to create a perfect diamond sparkle. Art Credit, @rosies.sketchbook
Spring adds new life and new beauty to all that is. art credit, @rosies.sketchbook
How's the weather in your place? This Yummy Watermelon Cocktail Drawing can let you feel going to the fridge. 😍⁠ ⁠ Art Credit, @lindsayweirich⁠
Use Ohuhu gel pen to increase the brightness of bling bling! :D @halalelaa
Blossom by blossom the spring begins. Art by, @roberta_rindone ⁠
When the Autumn slowly has the taste of Winter.⁠ ⁠ Art credit, @rosies.sketchbook⁠ 🍂 🍁 🏔️


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