Ohuhu 72 Colors Dual Tips Alcohol Art Markers, Brush & Chisel
72 VIBRANT COLORS: The rainbow is at your fingertips - choose from 72 brilliant colors and bring your ideas to life. Whether it's a coloring book or a masterpiece in the making, your artwork is sure to shine with these brush markers.


-Tip: Chisel & Brush

-Color: 72 Colors

-Ink: Alcohol-based

Package Includes:

- 72 Double-Tip Markers

- 1 Carrying Case

4.85 / 5
  • they are great
    Lucy November 22, 2019
    she loved them. its been 6months and there still going strong and she uses them at least 3 times a week
  • Best for the price
    Bunny November 22, 2019
    These are amazing for the price! (About $1 a marker) These are very comparable to Copics($8) but I’d say the Ohuhu are more saturated. I also have some cheaper alcohol brush markers from Michael’s ($4 Artist Loft) and the quality of the Ohuhu blow them away.
  • Great value, great markers!
    Nico November 18, 2019
    Perfect, work well! Great beginner item!
  • Very Satisfied
    Shayla Thrasher November 18, 2019
    Received this product a couple of times. For one, its great product for the price! My daughter loves them. Its one step down from what we can tell from another brand that cost $8 a marker. We will continue to shop with this company ! Thank you Ohuhu!
  • It's a birthday hit
    Ryan November 16, 2019
    Bought them for my 11 yo son's birthday. The budding artist that he is absolutely loves the markers.
  • Good Quality for Price!!
    MatchaMilk November 16, 2019
     I’ve used Copic Original markers for a very long time now. After 5 years, I finally got to buy new markers besides drug store supplies. And I must say I’m impressed and I love these brush markers so far!! The tip is amazingly sharp and I can get into small corners with ease (I guess with experience it is with ease), but I wish the color range was bigger and they had more lighter shades. Other than that, I love it so far!
    -insert drawing reference using Ohuhu Brush Markers- credit IG@mtchamilk
  • Works great.
    V. Her November 16, 2019
    Bought it for my daughter. The are as you would expect and works fine.
  • I absolutely LOVE these!
    Riley Levine November 14, 2019
    Ohuhu has always been my favourite brand of cheap alcohol markers. I love their older art markers, and my only gripes with them have ever been not having a brush tip. And having these now makes me really happy! They come at a great price, and they don't feel cheap, they feel high quality and are great to work with! My only criticism is that the colours are not the most pastel, they're mostly very vibrant, and while I don't find that to be an issue personally, other people may not love that. But overall, I think these are a great option for beginner artists, those who are looking to try markers without spending a crap-ton of money, or artists who don't have the income to pay for Copics or Prismacolors. Ohuhu has always given me good high-quality products and I highly recommend all of them, especially these markers!
  • Markers
    Karina Godinez November 13, 2019
    My daughter loves them
  • 🥰😍
    Ikram November 12, 2019
    I like it
Use a marker and gel pen together to create a perfect diamond sparkle. Art Credit, @rosies.sketchbook
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