Ohuhu Aluminium Revolving Cake Stand, with Angled Icing Spatula and Comb Icing Smoother
STABLE NON-SLIP SURFACE: Non-slip surface on top of the platform to keep the cake in place while you decorate, 7.3 inches in diameter base to keep stability on countertops.
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  • Beautifully crafted and elegant turntable
    ReviewKing on September 19, 2016
    When I opened this package I was so excited to look inside. Comparing to turntables I have seen and worked with this one would be the best looking. The product dimensions are 14.3 x 14.1 x 7.3 inches 5.5lbs in weight. The stand is the right weight, it isn't too heavy or too light, just perfect. The bottom has a non-slip surface to make sure your turntable stays locked in place. You don't have to worry about placing your cakes directly on it, It is made from a good grade aluminum alloy. The rotation is very smooth which is thanks to the stainless steel bearings, this cake turntable is well built. I almost don't want to use as a turntable and more like a stand only. It's a beautifully crafted and well packaged. The company takes the extra step to add styrofoam to make sure it does not get damaged in any way during transit. I am very happy with this turntable, not only because of the looks but functionality as well. Very easy to use and clean, I like to store it back into the box after I am done using it. I would extremely recommend this product if you're looking for a high quality, elegant turntable at a great price. Looking forward to purchasing from you again.
  • Very Smooth Spinning and Professional Quality, Heavy and Sturdy
    Lori Green on September 20, 2016
    This is a very easy 5 star review to write. The plate is heavy and sturdy. It comes with a no slip bottom that works really well on my counter.  The turning mechanism is very smooth when spinning. The metal is bright and polished. I find absolutely no negatives in my review. I know it is for cake decorating, but the turn is so smooth I am still making up my mind about using it for clay and sculpting. It's pretty much the same thing. It can also be used on a table for holding salt, pepper and ketchup.  If you use it for cakes the cake will display really nicely on it too. Just pop on a cardboard bottom and go to town. The spin on it will make it very easy. Although I received this on promotion I was not required to give it a good review. This is my soul opinion and probably everyone else's who get this table.
  • Hight Quality Item for a Fair Price
    DebraP on September 23, 2016
    Look at this awesome sweet revolving 12 inch aluminum alloy cake stand!  I love how smooth it rotates and is well balanced! Ok I guess I better get baking so I can really enjoy it.  You can find this item on Amazon for only $29.99. 💕 #cakestand #revolvingaluminumcakestand

    I also think using this as a serving tray would be so pretty as well, like I said earlier it turns so nicely without any jerky motion.

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  • Exceptional, smooth turning, one piece aluminum alloy cake turntable SEE PIX
    Just My Opinion on September 23, 2016
     I bought a cake turntable years ago that I thought was the be-all and end-all.
    After purchasing this one, I realize how wrong I was about the previous one.
    This one is in ONE piece. The top does not separate from the bottom base.
    The base has a removable silicone pad so that it won't slip around on your countertop
    This moves absolutely SILENTLY as it spins.
    The top is aluminum, with some size markers, so you can center your round cakes. If you are using anything less than 8", you might want to make a mark of your own in the center.
    The bottom of this is a metallic fleck embedded paint. Being a car afficianado, I like the paint on this. Very cool.
    The entire turntable weighs about 5# and is only 5" tall, from the counter to the top of the turntable.
    This moves easily and effortlessly. Can't wait to ice an upcoming birthday cake on it!
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  • Sturdy, moves smoothly
    Alicia Taylor on September 24, 2016
     I have been looking for a cake stand to display holiday decorations surrounded by treats. This one is very sturdy. When I push on the edge with my hand, it's difficult to tip it over. As such, I'm not worried about someone accidentally knocking it over while slicing a piece of cake. It's perfectly balanced, too. It spins smoothly with no wobble or metal grinding.

    The foot has a removable rubberized cap to keep the cake plate from sliding around or scratching up the counter. It's a great value for the price and I'm looking forward to using it for the upcoming holidays.

    It's simple without any fancy decorations or engravings, but your cake should be the star of the show, right?

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  • With a super smooth spin and heavy duty build, it's a win win!
    Ben E. on September 24, 2016
    I was a bit apprehensive about ordering this unit and decided to give it a chance with the few great reviews.
    I am so happy I did.
    I have been using an IKEA one that doesn't have nearly as many rotations the Ohuhu does from 1 spin.
    I mean it just spins for days and so smooth.
    The bearings used are what contributes to that.
    I was going to shell out the extra $$ for the common Ateco version and I'm sure the Ohuhu is equally as good if not better.
  • Five Stars
    Amazon Customer on September 24, 2016
    This is one of the best products I have ever ordered, I LOVE IT
  • #cakestand
    Dawn M on September 25, 2016
    Ohuhu has great product this time it is a rotating alloy cake stand beautiful piece very durable and well made love it rating 5/5.
  • It's so easy to frost a cake on this cake turntable stand
    Das&Rich on September 27, 2016
    It's so easy to frost a cake on this cake turntable stand. I love using it. The bottom of the stand has a non slip base which is perfect and it keeps the stand in place. This is a stainless steel cake stand. It's very easy to use and it's a high quality item. I am very happy with it.
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  • Shiny Perfection!
    DeAnna Hughes on October 5, 2016
    So pleased with this purchase! I wanted a sturdy revolving cake stand for a while now. But too many are too expensive or too short. This one is the perfect height off the counter. It spins very smoothly with the barest touch. Plus it is shiny. In the picture the base looks like a matte grey, but it is actually a shiny glitter like surface. And I don't mind leaving it on my kitchen counter because it fits in nicely with my stainless steel kitchen. 10 out of 10 would recommend!