Ohuhu Brush Fineliner Color Pens, 60 Colors
✎ FLEXIBLE DUAL TIPS: These dual tipped marker pens are a must-have for your next masterpiece. Use the brush tip for coloring, shading, and blending, and the fine tip for smaller details. You can do it all with one marker!
4.78 / 5
  • A solid four and a half stars - only lacking in packaging.
    Key October 12, 2019
    These are great!
    They all swatched well, not a single dry or "skippy," pen. The brush is fun to use. I've been using them for my art books, highlighting, calender, etc. Depending on the paper and how many layers you use, they could probably be used for art pieces alone. (I bought them for finelining.)

    One con:
    The package was a bit busted, and the lid broken. It's really only cardboard, but it still sucks to not have the lid.
  • Really good
    Edi October 11, 2019
    Good product. Easy to use, lots of colors. I highly recommend it.
  • Lots of colors and work great.
    Sandra R. October 10, 2019
    Liked all of them.
  • Two thumbs up!
    Brinda Martinez October 3, 2019
    Very nice markers. They have a nice soft tip for the brush. The colors off when comparing them to the lids. There are no duplicates but some of the colors look extremely similar. I want to use these markers for hand lettering so i shall see how that goes. I will update. A huge plus that they included extra tips!!!! Thank you! Over all very satisfied.
  • Good quality
    H.Gardner September 26, 2019
    My daughter loves them. Great color selection and they seem to last.
  • I love these markers
    Jane September 26, 2019
    I just started a journal for my newborn and these markers are amazing.  There are so many colors to choose from and I like that they has different tip sizes.  The colors are beautiful!
  • Great markers to practice brush lettering
    moppie September 23, 2019
    Such an excellent value of markers.  If you’re beginning to learn brush lettering, I totally recommend these pens.  The brush tips work just as well as the more professional brush pens, and the other tip of fine tip is excellent for writing in your planner or just general note taking.  So just in case you find brush lettering is not for you, you will still have the other tip of the marker to use.  You can also use the brush pen for coloring books.  I can’t speak to the blending ability of these markers because I’m just an amateur colorist who does not know how to blend colors, but the ink is quite wet for these markers. All these markers came in a cute flamingo cardboard cylinder tube, but you have to turn some markers opposite sides so they would all fit in the cylinder (the brush side of the barrel is a big wider than the fine point)

    The fine tips are comparable to a more expensive brand I have in my set.
  • Great value!
    JRD78 September 23, 2019
    These are fabulous markers for hand calligraphy. And journaling. Beautiful colors and no duplicates in the 60 count of makers. I will be buying more Ohuhu products.
  • High quality nice price
    Hatice tastan September 22, 2019
    My daughter love this productions because she loves to drawing  every day she’ll love that ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
  • Great!
    Shantoria Jones September 22, 2019
    Loved them
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