Ohuhu Foldable Walking Cane, Adjustable
Choose between 2 types of cane tips—durable and long-lasting tip or softer, non-slip tip. The cane is compatible with most replacement tips including tripod, quad and ice tips. Great for elderly people or those recovering from an injury.


MULTI-TIP FOLDABLE CANE: Choose between 2 types of cane tips—durable and long-lasting tip or softer, non-slip tip. The cane is compatible with most replacement tips including tripod, quad and ice tips. Great for elderly people or those recovering from an injury.

ADJUSTABLE HEIGHT FROM 32-36 INCHES: Get exactly the height you need thanks to the 5 length settings that come in 0.8-inch increments. Extending to a height from 32-36 inches, the Ohuhu Foldable Walking Cane can be adjusted for anybody and any needs. You won’t want to go anywhere without this versatile walking stick!

STRONG ALUMINUM ALLOY: Built to withstand years of use, the Ohuhu Foldable Walking Pole is made of strong, high-quality aluminum alloy, which makes it easy to carry around while still being strong enough to support up to 220 pounds.

ERGONOMIC SILICONE HANDLE: Go easy on your hands even after long-term use. The silicon handle gives you a comfortable, non-slip grip all day long.

BRING ANYWHERE: Normal canes take up a lot of space, but this cane is portable, allowing you to fold it into luggage, a bag, or in the car so you have it whenever you need it!

Walking-cane-A+-02.jpgDon’t let rugged mountain terrain stop you from enjoying the great outdoors! While it may be risky to trek without a walking aid in the wilderness, you can feel safe and confident when you’re using the Ohuhu Foldable Walking Cane.

From mountain climbs to forests and rolling hills, the adjustable pole height extends up to 36 inches to tackle any walking challenge. Conveniently store the cane in the included carrying bag before and after the hike so it will never get in the way. Go higher and farther with the Ohuhu Collapsible Cane!


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4.8 / 5
  • Wean off the walker
    McB-NJ January 9, 2020
    Used to wean off a walker post stroke. Physical therapists were impressed by the sturdiness of the cane. I bought this one as it came with the four prong head and was adaptable. Great product.
  • This is a pretty sturdy and adaptable cane.
    Margaret December 31, 2019
    I studied the reviews before purchasing and although there were many like it this seemed to get the best reviews. I had hip replacement surgery a few weeks ago and this got me through the final month pre and now post-op. I am walking mostly with a walker now but the cane helps me get up the stairs. I haven't had any trouble with the quad-tip falling off even when I've accidentally stepped on it. Good value. I haven't used the folding feature since I got it but it seems to work well too.
  • Excellent!!!
    Shelley December 27, 2019
    I got this cane for my husband as he is disabled. He immediately donated the one he was using due to the fact that he loves this one so so much. He says it is much more sturdy, not to mention ergonomic, than the one he was using. He feels safe while using it and loves the fact that it can be condensed making it easy to travel with. Great product!
  • Nice cane for traveling
    Elaine L. Slattum December 27, 2019
    Helped out a great deal while traveling due to it being able to fold up.
  • Perfect Cane To Bring With You
    Colorgirl December 26, 2019
    This past year, several people in our family have required aids walking due to unexpected injuries. It has become the joke in our home that we need to have a can handy so we don't have to worry about anyone else needing walking aids. When I saw this, I thought it might be a good idea.

    This cane is an L shaped handled cane. It has shock corded pieces which you pull apart and then store them in a bag that comes with it. When assembling, the pieces go together using metal springloaded knobs which help the cane to stay at the right height, and the shock cords help the can to stay together and be sturdy.

    There are five settings for this cane. I have tried this with several people from 6 ft tall down to 5 ft tall and the cane adjusted to work with everyone pretty well.

    There are two bottoms. One of them is a tip which allows you to walk as most canes do. The other has a larger footprint which allows you to leave the cane in place and it won't tip over. It is also more sturdy to use on rougher terrain.

    I have found this can to be sturdy, work well on both floors and sidewalks, but also uneven ground too. Both tips work well, and each has their purpose. The nicest part is that both tips can be kept in the bag with the cane when folded up.

    If you make the can taller to use it, it has to be put back to the shortest length to fit it into the bag. I find that to be annoying if you want it taller. In that case, I suggest finding another bag to put it in or make one.

    If you are injured or have reasons to need walking support, this cane is handy. It travels well,, folds up nicely, and has two different tips which both work well.

    FIVE STARS. The handle of this is pretty comfortable and it has nice height adjustment. I am glad to have this in our home, so if anyone ever needs one again, we have it handy.
  • Surprisingly Sturdy
    Honolulubelle December 26, 2019
    This cane is highly versatile, super handy, and surprisingly sturdy. It is simple to adjust, easy to fold up to tuck away and just as easy to unfold and open for use. And having a choice for the support base is a huge bonus.
  • I'm happy with my purchase
    Stella R December 25, 2019
    This was a good value for the price. Only thing is I can't figure out how to make it collapse.
  • Big big help
    Repro63 December 25, 2019
    I recently had hip replacement surgery, and I am graduating from a walker to a walking cane. The cane I have is a standard issue walking cane from the hospital, however, it is very hard to walk with. The handle is just curved and doesn't feel comfortable. After a week, I had really bad callouses on the base of my hand, and pain. I ordered this and the handle fits perfectly in my hand and is far easier to grip. It is much easier to walk with, and the wide base allows the cane to stand on its own. The cane also folds together for easy storage and transportation. It has a handy carrying case with a standard replacement rubber tip. The cane is easily adjustable and will fit most people. The cane is very stable and sturdy and I feel confident when walking with it. At this price point, it is a fabulous value and gets 5 stars.
  • Good product
    Sandra December 16, 2019
    It’s easy to fold, and I like the base because can remain standing, I bought this for my mom because the other one she used to have ended on the floor constantly because it didn’t have a base.
  • Assisting in walking.
    Lety December 16, 2019


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