Ohuhu Hot Cold Ice Pack Reusable Ice Bag 3 Pack [11" 9" 6"] Hot Cold Therapy for Knee Leg Injury
THREE SIZES DESIGN: [Large (11"), Medium (9"), Small (6")] - The small ice pack is perfect for children, or smaller aches and pains, while the two larger ones are great for teenagers and adults LEAK-RESISTANT LARGE OPENING CAP: The cap opening is large to allow for easy filling of ice cubes or crushed ice
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  • and spend a lot of time using it now that she has what to use to make her hair look nice.
    Hit Thumbs Up Under My Review If on March 18, 2017
    Works well to curl hair. My fiancee loves it, and spend a lot of time using it now that she has what to use to make her hair look nice.
  • Fun Hair Rollers
    M. Berto on March 19, 2017
    These hair rollers are so fun and they work! The smaller rollers work best with my hair, however I am sure the larger rollers would work great with someone with longer hair. I like that the rollers are color coated so you can easily see what roller you need. There are six rollers for each color/size. They are comfortable so they won't hurt while sleeping on them. Obviously not good if you need curls in a hurry, but great for a fun heat free way to curl hair overnight.
  • It really works!
    TiVo on March 28, 2017
    It really works!  Very easy to use solo.  Kneading roller works wonders on sore and aching muscles.  I recommend this product.
  • Perfect curls for my little princess!
    Mr.G on March 29, 2017
    As a dad of a little princess, I wanted to try to do curls for her. This was the perfect solution . They are easy to use and she isn't bothered by them because they are soft. There are s lot of them and different sizes to choose from .
  • Five Stars
    Ben on April 20, 2017
    Love it
  • Fantastic product....Highly Recommended
    Sarah on April 29, 2017
    Fantastic product. Reaches places that the ordinary neck/shoulder massagers don't reach. Very comfortable and easy to use.
    Highly Recommended!
  • Five Stars
    Bryan Salamon on May 11, 2017
    For the price we paid, it was worth every single penny
  • Great customer service
    C. Wells on September 3, 2017
    Please be sure to read the update below my original review.
    Original (1-star) review: These packs look great and have an excellent seal between the cap and the vinyl gasket on the neck. However as the ice melts, water trickles out from where the fabric body connects to the neck. LOTS of water. Very bad seal. Useless, especially when you must keep the area that you are icing dry.

    Update: After posting this review, the Ohuhu company contacted me requesting that I cancel my return to Amazon because they wanted to stand by their product and work with me directly. They did exactly that. They were very responsive and within a couple of days I had a replacement for the defective item. I used it today and the new one is perfect. No leaking! I'm super happy because the snowflake ice bags are so cute and no one else has them. Ada was very pleasant to work with. I wish more companies treated their customers as well as Ohuhu treated me.
  • Excellent product!
    Charlie on September 22, 2017
    Injured my ankle surfing & decided I needed a better set of reusable ice packs.  The cool thing is that these can be used as heat packs too!  Easy to travel with & I was able to toss the small one in my purse when we went to a music event where I'd be sitting.  Was able to fill at the ice machine, apply to my ankle, then dump out the water afterward.  Super satisfied with the quality & design.
  • The perfect ice packs!
    Dustin on September 23, 2017
    These are amazing.  Recently had surgery and my other 3 gel icepacks lasted only for first hour.  These keep super cold ice water for 2-3 hours (the big one).  The pack doesn't require any linens like others do which is a huge plus.  The build is strong and the spouts ate perfectly sized for the ice dispenser!