Ohuhu Ice Bag Packs, 3 Pack, with a Adjustable Wrap [11" 9" 6"]
Whatever your ailment may be, this must-have medical aid alleviates pain and discomfort from sports injuries, bruises, muscle aches, reduces swelling and more. Keep it in your home, car, office or bring to the gym to make sure you have relief ready at all


Optional  Ice Packs - [Large (11"), Medium (9"), Small (6")] - Three optional ice packs varying in sizes help to meet different needs. The 6" is suitable for children or minor areas while the 9" and 11" are great for teenagers, adults or larger areas.

Flexible Strap - Boasting a flexible 39 inches strap, the ice bag can be firmly held in place. Quite ideal for relieving pains in parts like wrists, arms, abdomens, waists, knees and more. Better still, you’ll secure a snug fit with the hook & loop closure.

Multiple Therapies - For cold therapy, simply fill the ice bag 2/3 full with ice cubes to eliminate headaches, bruises, migraines, etc. For hot therapy, add hot water (not boiling) to promote blood circulation and soothe away aches alike.

Time Reliever - Time matters when you get hurt. The Ohuhu ice pack offers quick application of cold compress therapy, timely reducing pain and swelling from minor scrapes, bruises, sprains, etc. Ideal for sports-related injuries

Home, Offices and More - Discomfort may trouble you anytime, anywhere. Keep a handy ice pack in your offices, cars or at homes for grab-and-go relief from pains. No matter you are suffering from a sudden headache, dysmenorrhea or toothache, get soothing relief from hot or cold therapy right away.

Pain can strike at any time, and accidents happen. Be ready with the Ohuhu ice pack, the perfect solution for instant relief from any pains or injuries. Simply fill with ice or hot water and apply to the problem area. No need to hold the ice pack in place or worry about it slipping, the super-long and elastic band reaches around any part of your body and will stay tightly secured thanks to the hook and loop fasteners.

Whatever your ailment may be, this must-have medical aid alleviates pain and discomfort from sports injuries, bruises, muscle aches, reduces swelling and more. Keep it in your home, car, office or bring to the gym to make sure you have relief ready at all times.


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4.89 / 5
  • Easy to use and fill
    Shaun M January 14, 2020
    Works perfect
  • Ice bags and elastic band
    James January 10, 2020
    Love it. Good quality. Easy to use. Comfortable. Multi purpose use for multiple areas of the human body, or possibly your pet's. I bought 2 different packs. This one came with the elastic band. But my first did not.
  • No leaking
    Leann M. Bach December 29, 2019
    Worked as advertised. Does not leak as ice is melting. Used wrap along with small pack for injury on left hand with no problems. Would buy again
  • A very effective, low-tech product
    RMS December 16, 2019
    I bought the Ohuhu three-pack about six months ago to use on an arthritic knee. Now I've had that knee replaced and am using the packs daily to combat swelling and pain. The bags are well-constructed and sturdy. I have had no problem with leaks and there is no condensation on the outside of the bag. The wide mouth makes it very easy to fill the bag with ice.

    I'm pleased with how long the ice lasts. For example, I fill a bag at bedtime and use it several times overnight. When not in use, I put it in a small picnic cooler by the bed. There is always quite a bit of ice left and the bag is still properly cold when morning comes. This is much better performance than many of the high-tech cold pads that I use.

    The bag is also good for travel, weighing much less than a chemical cold pack. Plus, every hotel has an ice machine down the hall, while it's inconvenient to chill a cold pack before use.

    The elastic strap is fine, but does not have velcro so easily slides off if not carefully tied. Plus, the bag has to be empty when installing the strap. A detail I often forget.

    Bottom line: this product is an effective, high-quality update of the traditional ice pack.
  • Excellent product - work well and don't leak
    Mark Richter November 19, 2019
    Very adaptable, these bags have integrity and don't leak, even under pressure. The belts are easy to put on and hold the bags well in the places where we need them. I'd buy them again any time.
  • Excellent
    Mary November 14, 2019
    Excellent for all uses including packing food for a trip. I use it mostly for my husband and his knees and the strap keeps the ice pack in place wherever I place it.
  • Great product
    David A November 14, 2019
    Come in handy for travel or grandkids games
  • Hot or cold, provides comfort
    Mike November 6, 2019
    I have a broken ankle and I use the ice bag daily. Ice cubes fall into the opening easily.
    They work great when filled with hot water. Keep it under the blanket while watching tv.
  • Sports injuryS
    Haggis November 1, 2019
    Love these going to place a second order. My kids are in lots of sport activities these come in handy quite often.
  • Every home needs these ice bags
    Debra L. Kusek October 16, 2019
    Bought these for a couple of planned procedures, one where I would need to keep a surgical site iced for weeks and one where I would need to use as a hot water bottle. I’m so pleased with these bags! So much better and longer-lasting than the gel packs. Can use anywhere you can have access to ice, no freezer needed. The three sizes are great to have on hand. Crushed ice in the small bag attached to my foot with the Velcro strap was a life saver after foot surgery. They are durable enough for daily use over a long period of time (I used mine 24/7 for several weeks), and they do not leak, however be aware that when filled with ice some condensation may form on the metal ring which can drip, so wrap it in a towel if you need to be careful not to get a wound dressing wet. Other than that there is nothing negative I can say about these. I recommend them to everyone I know who is having foot surgery.


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