Ohuhu Legend of Zelda Ocarina 12 Hole Alto C with Textbook Display Stand Protective Bag
? ALL-IN-ONE: Comes with neck-strap cord,a music book,a display stand, and a protective bag
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  • Very well made product Nice sound.
    Sharon Swindell on October 9, 2015
    Very well made  product Nice sound .
  • Great Ocarina
    N Brown on October 26, 2015
    I love this replica of the ocarina used by Link in the Zelda game.  My daughter is a big Zelda fan and when she saw this, she had to have it.  She as quickly began playing it using the included booklet.  I was somewhat skeptical about the sound quality, but it has a nice sound.  It is appears to be well made and of a good quality ceramic.  Overall, this is a good replica for anyone looking for an ocarina like Link's.
  • Incredibly easy to learn, while being fun to play
    Bruce Simmons on October 28, 2015
    Being a Legend of Zelda fan, I found this quite appealing. Along with that, I receved a sample of this product at my doorstep today. It was really easy to play once I got the hang of it, and it sounds great! The songs that are included aren't too hard to learn, and with a little practice you could be an expert at this in no time.
  • New instrument to learn!!
    Jen Erdman on November 2, 2015
    This was so much fun to play with!!! Much bigger than I had expected it to be.
    It is also heavier than I thought it would be. Very well crafted!
    Love the fact that it came with an instruction / play / how-to booklet!
    I think I may use this for next year as part of a Halloween costume.
  • Perfect gift for a Zelda lover
    IAMM3Z on November 3, 2015
    My husband is a Zelda fan. This was a gift for him. The design is authentic. It's well made. The ceramic was received undamaged. It has a high gloss finish. It's well painted and doesn't look cheap.

    I wish this came with the stand pictured in the product listing. Displaying this is hard without the stand.

    The song book provided doesn't included any original sheet music from the Zelda game. I assume this is copyrighted material. Here's the song list included:

    Auld Lang Syne
    Happy New Year
    Happy Birthday To You
    Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
    Mary Had a Little Lamb

    Well made
    High gloss finish
    Authentic design

    Hard to display without the stand

    Ratings (Out of five stars):
    Ceramic Quality: *5*
    Paint Quality: *5*
    Gloss Quality: *5*
    Design Authenticity: *5*
    Value: *5*

    Overall rating: 25 out of 25 stars / 5 Star Average

    I hope you enjoyed this review. If you have any questions about my experience please leave me a comment. I will be happy to follow up on my experience with this product.

    I received this product complimentary from Ohuhu for quality testing purposes; all opinions expressed are my own.
  • Perfect For A First Instrument For A Budding Musician
    zwriter on November 15, 2015
    Just in case you did not know - an ocarina is an ancient wind musical instrument; sort of a vessel flute.  The instrument arrived securely packaged and incased in Styrofoam.  Made of a kiln fired dark cobalt blue ceramic, this ocarina is really quite pretty.  More importantly, it is easy to play and the tones sound good.  Perfect for sitting on the porch after a stressful day as a way to unwind.
  • Great product
    Amanda C. on November 17, 2015
    I'm new to the Zelda scene, and got this Ocarina on impulse. My roommate has one exactly like this, but she has problems getting sound out of all the top holes. That was my concern also, so when I received this that was the first thing I tested. The sound is great! I am so happy with it!
  • Song of awesome
    Shannon on November 26, 2015
    This ocarina is awesome. Playing songs are hard only because I'm learning how to play it. But playing songs are fun and reminds you of playing the game. So I recommended if you wan't to get an ocarina for you or someone, this is the one to get.
  • Exactly what was expected
    dudes so cool on December 3, 2015
    It was exactly as pictured and it was exactly what we wanted
  • It was in very good condition and plays beautifully
    Cameron on December 8, 2015
    It was in very good condition and plays beautifully. I'm just now learning how to play but from my perspective it's great. Shipping was super fast too!