Ohuhu Markers Alcohol Marker Pad, 200GSM, 78 Sheets, 210mm×210mm
120LB (200GSM) HEAVYWEIGHT DRAWING PAPERS: It's the perfect combo of durable and delicate. This 120LB (200GSM) heavyweight paper has a smooth, flat surface that prevents bleeding, smudging and feathering for clean artwork. It is a great choice sketchbook for most of the DRY art media. From alcohol markers to solvent markers, from colored pencils to charcoal, from pastels to inks, and more!
4.9 / 5
  • Beautiful
    jeff sanders Reviewed in the United States on
    Beautiful bound art pages. Perfect for copic markers.
  • The star of the Ohuhu marker line
    Elise Reviewed in the United States on
    I absolutely love this pad, and you should know I'm not some Ohuhu shill - I just rated their famous alcohol markers 4/5! This book serves me well in marker testing, journaling, doodling, and real, honest-to-goodness illustrations. It's great to use solo and pages rip out easily to share with friends. Most of all it's a price point that makes drawing with alcohol markers actually seem affordable. I plan to buy this again and again.
  • Very nice
    Tessa Reviewed in the United States on
    Very nice product. The cover has a very nice luxury feel to it and the paper is thick and nice to draw on.
  • My favorite product so far of Ohuhu
    Cortni Whitney Reviewed in the United States on
    I've tested a lot of skechpads for my markers over the years and this is by far my favorite. Pencil, Ink and marker all work really well. There is some minor bleeding of copic marker when you use them but thats pretty normal as most paper absorbs the alcohol. Still in my paper test it comes out in the top 3 brands for my medium. ^v^ Will continue to restock these lovely sketchbooks.
  • I can't seem to accidentally mutilate this book
    Virginia Reviewed in the United States on
    Most drawing books die about 25% through their pages due to my rough handling. The pages stick together, get wet, inks bleed through, the spine gets cracked, the pages bent or torn. None of that has happened with this one. I love the size options, I love the journal-style elastic strap to hold it closed, the high quality hardcover binding, and the detachable pages. The more reckless or crippled you are, the more useful the construction of this book.
  • Great sketchbooks
    Casey r. Reviewed in the United States on
    Great sketchbooks for dry and mixed media, a little thirsty for copics and bleeds through most pages. Includes slip sheets to keep from bleeding all the way to the next page. The cover is soft and textured like wood. Wonderful product overall
  • I most def recommend this!!!!
    sandy cheeks Reviewed in the United States on
    I love this sketch book pages are nice and soft you can tear them out and i just love it will order more
  • super nice
    Ruby Sue Reviewed in the United States on
    i bought this because the illo sketchbooks were unavailable at the time and honestly.. i think this might just be better. sturdy cover and pages, smooth paper texture, and totally worth the money. i would def recommend it
  • Great
    Britany Reviewed in the United States on
    Tis is the best sketchbook ive ever had. They cover jas a weird rubber elephant skin texture. It has a a elastic to keep the book closed and a ribbon to mark your page. IT even comes with a rubber sheet yo keep the ink from bleeding on to the other page but the paper is so think you dont even need it. It works well with all types of markers. It works decently with acrylic paint but its a little hard to move the paint around. With watercolor i wouldnt say works as well because the page is too Smooth.
  • Love the sturdy design of the pads and that they come with page separaters.
    KRICKY Reviewed in the United States on
    Good weight to the pages.
Once you’re done with building your multiple layers, finish your drawing by adding small details with the end of your marker’s nib. Your monochromatic drawing is now done! @multicooleur
Spring adds new life and new beauty to all that is. art credit, @rosies.sketchbook
How's the weather in your place? This Yummy Watermelon Cocktail Drawing can let you feel going to the fridge. 😍⁠ ⁠ Art Credit, @lindsayweirich⁠
Use Ohuhu gel pen to increase the brightness of bling bling! :D @halalelaa
Blossom by blossom the spring begins. Art by, @roberta_rindone ⁠
When the Autumn slowly has the taste of Winter.⁠ ⁠ Art credit, @rosies.sketchbook⁠ 🍂 🍁 🏔️


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