Ohuhu Markers Alcohol Marker Pad, 200GSM, 78 Sheets, 210mm×210mm
120LB (200GSM) HEAVYWEIGHT DRAWING PAPERS: It's the perfect combo of durable and delicate. This 120LB (200GSM) heavyweight paper has a smooth, flat surface that prevents bleeding, smudging and feathering for clean artwork. It is a great choice sketchbook for most of the DRY art media. From alcohol markers to solvent markers, from colored pencils to charcoal, from pastels to inks, and more!
4.94 / 5
  • Nice
    Brittani Reviewed in the United States on
    Wonderful book just like the video and pics
  • Exactly what we wanted.
    Marilyn Valentino Reviewed in the United States on
    Bought this for my 9 year old granddaughter because she loves to draw. She loves it!
  • Awesome Investment!!!
    Amber M. Reviewed in the United States on
    Absolutely no bleed through onto the following pages whatsoever! Really enjoying using my alcohol markers like copics, and prismacolor markers in many layers on each page. Keeps colors vibrant too!
  • Suprisingly Great Quality Sketch Book
    RooRooRay Reviewed in the United States on
    This Sketchbook is surprisingly amazing. Our 13 year old is using it in conjunction with the new 120 count Ohuhu Alcohol Brush Markers, and so far it's doing exactly what you would expect it to do, it's far exceeding my expectations. The paper is very thick, thicker than any sketchbook we've purchased her prior to this, and much better than any mixed media. No bleed through to the following pages. It's a very sturdy sketchbook also. Especially like the tear lines so she can remove any art/mistakes without tearing the pages completely. The cover is holding up well for being dragged around a lot up to school letting out. The quality of this and Ohuhu Markers is definitely helping our daughter have a great outlet for her creativity. Images include a 'possibly' finished drawing of her own creation (had to sneak it out of her room to take a picture), also the backside of that along side the following page, to show the lack of bleed through.
  • Great quality book, paper works well for markers and pens.
    Ellie Reviewed in the United States on
    I got this for free when I bought the 120 set of brush markers the day they released, but it would be worth the price as well. Markers blend well on the paper and don't do that weird uncontrollable spreading thing that happens with cheap paper. Marker will show through on the back of the page, but I haven't had any bleed through to the next page.

    The cover has a nice texture, and I like the ribbon to mark your page and the strap to keep the book closed in transit.
    Richard Bowles Reviewed in the United States on
    Amazing with all types of alcohol based markers. Been a huge fan of Ohuhu and this sketch book did not dissapoint.
  • Fantastic
    Madison Romero Reviewed in the United States on
    Absolutely love these markers and I love the paper even more.
  • Loved the Value of these Journals.
    Rhonda Rodgers Reviewed in the United States on
    I love them. For the price, these Marker Journals cannot be beat. I would recommend these Ohuhu hard back Journal to anyone. Plus I got them a day early. So thank you Amazon.
  • Amazing marker pad!
    S E Reviewed in the United States on
    This is really good paper. It's thick and allows for the markers to blend nicely. The colors are vibrant and it's pretty compatible with pencil as well. Great for not only Ohuhu but any brand of alcohol markers.
  • Love!
    Ken Reviewed in the United States on
    Love all my Ohuhu items! B
Once you’re done with building your multiple layers, finish your drawing by adding small details with the end of your marker’s nib. Your monochromatic drawing is now done! @multicooleur
Spring adds new life and new beauty to all that is. art credit, @rosies.sketchbook
How's the weather in your place? This Yummy Watermelon Cocktail Drawing can let you feel going to the fridge. 😍⁠ ⁠ Art Credit, @lindsayweirich⁠
Use Ohuhu gel pen to increase the brightness of bling bling! :D @halalelaa
Blossom by blossom the spring begins. Art by, @roberta_rindone ⁠
When the Autumn slowly has the taste of Winter.⁠ ⁠ Art credit, @rosies.sketchbook⁠ 🍂 🍁 🏔️


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