Ohuhu Metallic Marker Pens, 1 mm Diameter Brush Tip
FOR ANY SURFACES: These metallic brush pens can be used on any surface from paper, glass, plastic, pottery, stone to wood.


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4.8 / 5
  • Funtastic brush paint pens
    Niching February 6, 2020
    OMG! These are funtastic BRUSH PAINT pens. Now I can take my hand lettering to my garden! Who would have thunk that it would be this easy and fun!!!

    The brush nib does take a little getting used to. But that’s with all new pens. These are now my favorite garden markers! I liked that they are paint because then it would not fade as fast.

    With all brush nibs, make sure the surface is smooth to prolong the life of the nibs. I do suggest shaking the pens a bit because they’re metallic. I don’t know if that really makes a whole lot of difference since the pen barrel is so small. But to err on the safe side, I wanted the metallic to be as evenly distributed as possible.

    I saw from some other reviewers’ post that they used these pens for rock art. I’m looking forward to doing some of that next after my garden project.
  • The pens you don’t have!
    Robert Pugh June 5, 2019
    OK, OK I never met a writing instrument I didn’t like. But these are special and I’m so glad I bought them. They have especially pleasing, unique colors. More than metallics, they are cheerful and unusual.
  • Soft tips!
    Jing June 2, 2019
    The tips are very very soft, very easy to bending to the desired width to draw different lines. The ink flows smoothly, not dry at all.
  • As described and will be reordering these as needed.
    SHERRY on September 29, 2018
    Easy to use pens for kindness rock project
  • It shows up perfectly fine on all the black paper I'v tried it
    ribbon on September 27, 2018
    Lovely! It shows up perfectly fine on all the black paper I'v tried it on
  • Ooo shiney
    Amisam Reviewed in the United States on
    Great shine and nicely opaque.
    Swatched on paper, wood, and shrink plastic.
    Slight bleeding noted on wood.
  • Five Stars
    Kierstin B Kaim Reviewed in the United States on
    Great quality! The color payout is wonderful and the metallic look is great.
  • Good
    zz Reviewed in the United States on
    Fancy production, I can’t wait to use it.
  • Nice metallic colors
    kai f li Reviewed in the United States on
    I give these pencils to my daughter as holiday gift. My daughter loves them. 
    They write and draw very smoothly on the drawing. 
    The pencils have a nice shine and come in many colors.  
    So far, my daughter is using them in coloring books and they work beautifully, …. Very metallic looking.
  • Great Value
    Cassandra Grinwis Reviewed in the United States on
    Love my pens they write amazing colors and completes my gel pen set
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