Ohuhu Oil Paint Set, 24 Oil-Based Colors
GREAT OIL PAINTING SET FOR BEGINNERS: Ohuhu oil paint sets offer the beginning artist a great selection of color at a great price; This oil color paints glide smoothly onto canvases bursting with creativity. Each tube is filled with 12 ml (0.4 oz) of high quality rich pigments coloring paints.


  • US
4.84 / 5
  • Good 36 colors quality paint.
    Chanelle December 16, 2019
    For the money and the quantity you get it's a good deal. I absolutely love it.
  • love the texture
    Lin Ding September 21, 2019
    I waited for my 1st painting to review on these paint. I am very happy about it. Love the creamy and smooth texture. Perfect for beginners!
  • very good
    Vincent September 11, 2019
    It's a gift for my 12 year-old nephew, who is learning painting, mostly for fun. My nephew just likes the gift, and in return, he will draw me some landscape. What else can you ask for~
  • Satiation colors
    Xifeng Wang September 3, 2019
    Enough colors for initial learners. The materials is good and safe to use. The color is satiation. Better choices I did and also for you.
  • Good quality and a good price.
    CK Hsu May 29, 2019
    My kids really enjoy the pigment of these acrylics. They finished using them for the first time, I have no complaints whatsoever. The texture was perfect, they went on smooth, and blended well. I've never used this brand before, so I wasn't sure what to expect, but I'll be purchasing again in the future. Good quality and a good price.
  • Colorfull and easy to use
    Shoufu May 26, 2019
    it’s a gift for my daughter, these days she likes printing. This item has so many color and easy to use. A 5 year old girl can use it by herself. Very good
  • beautiful
    Barnett Harris May 24, 2019
    Beautiful, beautiful colors. The paint is smooth and doesn’t darken in color after a while. The dry time is a little lengthy since I left it overnight, but I made a cute little painting of kermit in a meadow with it! I’m happy.
  • Great option
    DS Reviewed in the United States on
    Paints are thick and has a great selection of colors. The only things I didn't like (but won't affect me from buying again) are 1) the gray option is much darker than what's shown on the tube, and 2) I was kind of suprised there wasn't a couple brushes included
  • 👍
    edward Reviewed in the United States on
  • Very good
    Paola Reviewed in the United States on
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