Ohuhu Set of 6 Watercolor Painting Brushes for Water Soluble Colored Pencils
SET OF 6 BRUSHES: Set of 3 point tip brush pens and set of 3 flat tip brush pens (small, medium, large) suitable for art students, amateur and professional artists. NO SPREAD OR SMEAR: High-quality nylon hair brush tips that stay intact and does not spray, spread, or smear while in use
4.84 / 5
  • Creative innovation meets a classic brush
    Peach on November 15, 2016
    These really take the best ideas from an innovative point of view and blend it with the classic essential basics you want in a paint brush. The super thin nylon brush fibers feel very nice and consistent compared to horse hair or natural hair paint brushes. The tips stay in shape after use and seem to let go of the water easier since it is synthetic. The innovation extends into the handle itself, where you can store water for quick application into pigments for watercolor, or actually mix the paint/dyes and put them into the handle itself. When you need more color or water, just give it a gentle squeeze and it applies directly into your brush, giving you easy control and quick access rather than dipping and mixing. Easy to clean synthetic nylon makes it a breeze and 6 sizes to tackle all your needs.
  • More info after Christmas but impressed with quality
    Phil Oregon on November 16, 2016
    All I can rate this product on is my initial perception of the product. They will be a Christmas present to my son who is the artist. I will update this review as soon as I get feedback from him.
  • Five Stars
    Whosemom on November 19, 2016
    Good quality. Sweet gift for artist on your list.
  • Reduces Watercolor Messes
    Kayla on November 23, 2016
    These are definitely neat water coloring brushes. Be aware, in case it wasn't obvious, that paint colors do not come with the brushes. You'll need to use your own water-soluable paints for using these.

    In case it isn't obvious, the pens themselves are hollow on the inside. You fill up the pens with the water temperature of your choice. Then you put the brush in the paint color and press a button to release some of the water into the paint and bravo! You now have a color!

    I've found that they're reduced the amount of water mess that I usually have after using water-soluable paints. Since all of the water is contained in the brush, it means a whole lot less water all over my surfaces.

    The different brush thickness and designs will help pick out the brush type you want. If you put the brushes back in the original case after you're done, the plastic sleeve has a brush guide that shows examples of the different brushes to make it easy to select the one you need.

    Pretty good brush! Makes watercoloring a bit cleaner!
  • Cool water based paint brushes.
    Dj Read on December 4, 2016
    Definitely handy to not have to keep dipping brushes to paint.
  • Great product!
    Jose Arsenio Gomez Seiade on December 8, 2016
    Very easy to clean. Great quality, amazing fine points.
  • Great product at a good price
    D. Christian on December 13, 2016
    Got these as a gift for my art loving friend.  She loved them.  Great product at a good price.
  • Five Stars
    Ashish Bhandari on December 14, 2016
    Nice set of brush pens
  • Five Stars
    Nataliia on December 28, 2016
    very good hand, I liked
  • water color pens
    sharkfin on December 28, 2016
    Could not wait to receive these, arrive in good shape and ready to use. Going to try them out with ink.. thanks so very much