Ohuhu Skin Tone Colors Dual Tips Alcohol Art Markers, Brush & Chisel
24 GORGEOUS, SKIN-TONE COLORS: Hard to draw flesh, skin, or hair shades with ordinary markers? Now you can get the 24 skin-tone markers at Ohuhu to better your project at a higher level. With these highly pigmented art pens, you can draw any desired natural hue easily!



4.77 / 5
  • Just as good as more expensive markers. Make other products also.
    Elizabeth Reviewed in the United States on
    I love the brush tip and colors are great.
  • Great vivid markers with no smell!
    Christopher R. Reviewed in the United States on
    My daughter LOVES to draw with markers to the point where many of the markers out there were bothering her throat from inhaling all the VOC. So we sought out water based markers and found these...so happy we did! There is no odor. The colors are so bright and they cover very uniformly. Having 120 colors to choose from is amazing to her! We actually went ahead and bought a second set for her Grandmother for their coloring days together. The two tips makes them super versatile too! We had an issue with ONE marker drying up and the customer support went well above and beyond to make it right! They followed up several times to be sure we were happy.....highly recommend!
  • In love
    Carmen Zepeda Reviewed in the United States on
    Amazing quality
  • Great art supply
    Debra F. Reviewed in the United States on
    Great for art students.
  • Yes!
    Araba Reviewed in the United States on
    Was really excited to get these to try out. Definitely lived up to my expectations. Great range of skin tones in my opinion. Do need more colors but its a good start
  • Really good markers
    Amazon customer Reviewed in the United States on
    It doesn’t leave any streaks and dries evenly, i love these markers!!
  • Great markers
    M. J. Reviewed in the United States on
    Just as good as the 120 brush tips. I got a few duplicates but it’s okay I knew about a few being a duplicate from the 120 pack would buy again
  • Love the set
    HW Reviewed in the United States on
    Wow! Terrific set!!! Very happy.
  • Things TikTok made me buy...
    Cing96 Reviewed in the United States on
    Reason why I try to avoid TikTok in the middle of the night, however, upon my previous purchased pens exploding on my while working on homework I thought I’ll give these a try! I absolutely fell in love with them!! I seriously don’t even want to use them bc I don’t want to waste them!!! They’re so beautiful and feel so nice! They come with the swatches so you can check the colors and extra tips! I really really loved them!!
  • Markers 5 stars.....Customer Service 10 stars
    Kamal Reviewed in the United States on
    Ohuhu rocks!!!
    Buy this set.

    I purchased this set for my daughter. She is an artist and uses primarily alcohol markers. When we received the set less than two days later it was missing a color. I contacted Ohuhu right away to get a replacement marker. They responded to my email within twelve hours. They let me know they didn't have that specific color as an extra lying around but would send an entire new set. I mean, WOW! What company does that in this day and age. We received the set within three days and my daughter is thrilled. Please consider buying from this company. I promise you will not regret the quality or the level of service from them.

    Thank you Ohuhu. You are amazing.
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