Ohuhu Skin Tone Colors Dual Tips Alcohol Art Markers, Brush & Chisel
24 GORGEOUS, MID-TONE SKIN-TONE COLORS: Hard to draw flesh, skin, or hair shades with ordinary markers? Now you can get the 24 skin-tone markers at Ohuhu to better your project at a higher level. With these highly pigmented art pens, you can draw any desired natural hue easily!


4.44 / 5
  • Colors of Skin
    Jerold January 22, 2020
    Brought these markers as a gift. The recipient of the gift loved them since she enjoys drawing diffient people and portraits. Great markers and diversity for skin colors.
  • Best skintone marker set for value!
    Amazon Customer January 20, 2020
    Really great selection of colors! I bought this set after watchinging a YouTube review and seeing that it includes very dark tones for a very wide range of skintones. I just wish it came with more beige tones since all the light tones are pinky. The marker quality is on par with my prismacolor alcohol markers. These were my first markers from ohuhu and I will definitely be buying more sets in the future.
  • Very pleased
    SV January 14, 2020
    I was so pleased with the fast delivery of this new product and my daughter absolutely loves them. She's so excited to finally have skin tones to use in her art. This brand is high quality at a very fair price and we have I have always been pleased.
  • Great markers!
    Christina Dickinson January 8, 2020
    These are some beautiful markers! I swatched my whole set as soon as I received them! The case is nice and sturdy. Had zero exploding or dry markers.

    I love the skin color range! I do NOT love the 10% off coupon Ohuhu keeps putting in the case with the markers. I have bought several sets of markers and I get these 10% off cards in the set. I have yet to be able to cash in one!! Every time I go to the site to redeem, I get an error message during the redemption process. I still love the markers!
  • Great Markers, Need Paler Shades
    Renasaurus January 22, 2020
    The best value alcohol markers on the market. My package was delayed a week which bummed me out, but I’ve been drawing non stop to make up for it. The one thing I wish is for more very pastel colors for easy highlighting and pale skin that’s not pure white. This is a rare situation where there is a good variation of dark skin tones but not many options for light.
  • Nice Skin Tone Set, Needs Lighter Tones Though
    E. Hittlet January 18, 2020
    I like the range of colors and pigment pretty well. I will agree I would like to see some lighter skin colors but this can be adjusted somewhat if you have a blending marker (I just yoinked one from another of my marker sets) but this can tear up the paper and bleed the ink in ways you don't want it to if you get too aggressive with it. I also noticed people were confused by the green marker. That is used for making/adjusting undertones. Its interesting if you play with it and I'm sure if you look on youtube you can find a tutorial or two on how it works. I actually think Jazza did one when demonstrating his 12 markers for his artbox.
  • pretty good markers!
    tsuyoi January 15, 2020
    I was really excited when i heard ohuhu was coming out with a skin-tone set so i bought them immediately when they were released x) Im really happy with this purchase but i do have a couple cons. One, personally i really wish there were some lighter tones in this set they're all pretty warm. The second con i have is that some of the colors don't match the cap at all, but other than that the markers are really good and you get quite a bit for what you're paying for :')
  • Awesome product
    Chad Brow January 12, 2020
    Really good
  • Great Quality, Still Not Sold on Color
    Amelia H. January 9, 2020
    The quality of these markers is fantastic, but I’m not in love with the colors themselves. The lighter colors are a bit florescent yellow/green so you can’t really draw paler people. Some of them are labeled weird names for the color (“black brown” is more of a bright salmon???). I hope they continue to work on their skin tones in the future (and hope they work on a gray pack as well).
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"Compared to the 48 set I used before there are a lot of new lighter/neutral colors, especially in the blue, green, and grey ranges! (Yay!) The new colors honestly add SO much more utility to this set 💙💚" Art by, @chelseagracei
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