Ohuhu Sleeping Bag Lightweight Portable Backpacking Sleeping Bags with a Compression Sack for Summer Camping and Hiking, 1.7 lb
Light Weight (780g/1.72lbs) & Foldable Design (Folded Size: 4.7" x 11.4") makes your camping experience more easy and convenient This single sleeping bag is portable and space-saving, easy to roll up into the carrying bag
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  • We are using it for Grammy Sleepovers ...
    Alex S on June 2, 2015
    I received a free sample of this bag so that I could examine and test it for my review.

    This is a lightweight sleeping bag that packs small, very small. When the box arrived, I had no idea it could contain something like a sleeping bag - inside the carrying case it measures less than a foot long. As you can see from the description, it is rated for temperatures above 48 degrees. The nylon cover is NOT rain resistant, in fact, this would actually work best indoors, for sleepovers, or for a summer tent outing.

    We are using ours when my granddaughter sleeps over at my house, and it is perfect - actually, since she steals all of my covers, it is an ideal situation! The nylon cover doesn't seem to be noisy (I tried it during a nap), and the inside feels a lot like microfiber sheets. There isn't a lot of padding, so it isn't bulky at all.

    If you are backpacking and need a small, very lightweight bag, and if you will not be encountering cold temperatures, the lightness and size of the bag might make it a perfect solution. You WILL want something besides the bag to sleep on, though.
  • A layer of warmth without adding much weight or volume
    Greeny on June 13, 2015
    Providing that what one wants is a sleeping bag that collapses into something really small, this one is fit for the purpose. The filling is polyester.

    As a secondary measure, for people who are not large, this sleeping bag can be used in conjunction with another sleeping bag to add a layer of warmth. That's something I used to do with two bags, one of which was super lightweight and folded into a package about the size of this one.

    Sleeping bag provided for sincere review.
  • Great utilitarian sleeping bag
    Jody on July 8, 2015
    It's handy to keep a few sleeping bags around in case of unexpected company, or for the grandkids  to sleep in the backyard in the summer; to throw in the trunk of the car in case of winter emergencies.  This is the perfect sleeping bag for any of those things.  You wouldn't take this one for winter camping, but it's just fine for summer and early fall, and it'll keep you from freezing to death if the power goes out in the winter.

    It's very soft, and the zipper is heavy duty. It is possible to zip two of these together for a double size. one is a generous size for one person, and it's long enough for my 6'2" husband. It comes in a nice carrying pouch that is EXACTLY the right size, which means the sleeping bag must be rolled up as tightly as possible in order to fit. I like the straps on the outside that can be attached to a duffel bag or backpack.

    This is a very nice thing to have in the closet or trunk.

    Sample provided for review.
  • Perfect companion for camping
    Chandler on July 10, 2015
    Very impressive for hikers and campers both...This is small, compact, when rolled up and that makes it easy for camping because not only is it portable to carry if there is some hiking first, or simply easy to carry from car to tent set up since they are not always right together.

    Waterproof as well so you stay dry no matter what your tent does!

    Easy to clean if needed, double-stitched to last.

    Easy to put back together compact as well after using.

    Measures 75" (6.25 feet--but since you don't need it to go up to your head, this is long enough for everyone but a pro basketball player likely) by 34"...cozy

    Bag provided by Ohuhu
  • Five Stars
    Adam Howarth on July 25, 2015
    Great light weather sleeping bag. I'm 5' 8" and it fits me just right.
  • Perfect Summertime Backpacking Bag. Amazingly Compact. Amazing Deal.
    Ross Cavanaugh on August 3, 2015
    I'm 6'2", fairly slender, and the bag fits me great! I would advise caution if you are much bigger than that. Plenty of room for me to move around. The bag is AMAZINGLY small. Packs down to the size of a large grapefruit if you really compress the stuff sack, but you barely need to. This bag should fit anywhere.

    Perfect for summertime backpacking trips, or anytime where the low temperature is above 50. Can't get a better bag for this price.
  • Highly reccomend this bag. Light weight and easy to stuff
    Cara H. on August 6, 2015
    This sleeping bag is exactly as advertised. My 13 year old (5'4") daughter used it for 2 weeks at girl scout camp in a platform tent and then a 3 day hike on the appalachian trail. It's light weight and she had not trouble stuffing it in the sack. She can stuff this quicker then rolling a traditional sleeping bag. It fit in her back pack no problem. All camping was done in the summer with temps in the 60s & some 70s at night.
  • Perfect
    Harry K. Link on August 15, 2015
    granted its my first lightweight bag but WOW, just what your need for warmer weather backpacking
  • Light and comfortable, shrinks down to fit almost anywhere.
    Tiffany Taylor on August 24, 2015
    The Ohuhu 75"x 34" Sleeping Bag is a large sleeping bag capable of fitting most adults and large children.  I am only 5 feet tall, so of course it fits me length wise with room to spare, but I am also a fairly large person around the middle and I have room to spare that way as well.  What's cool about this sleeping bag is that you could also get one that opens from the other side and you could combine them to make a large sleeping bag that could be used for an adult couple or for multiple children to help share body warmth.  This sleeping bag really isn't one that you would want to use outdoors towards the ends of camping season when it is quite chilly, but it is GREAT for sleeping over someone's house, whether at sleep-away camp, a slumber party, or a retreat.  My family has many reasons to hold onto this.  What's great also is that it fits very compactly into any back pack or suitcase.  We were able to pack it along with a pillow, clothing, entertainment, and toiletries into a mini suitcase for my oldest to take with her on a camping trip.  The buckles on the side of the carrying bag help to make the bag very compact for this purpose.  I've got to say, as far as my personal opinion of this sleeping bag goes, it is one of the most comfortable blankets that I have ever used.  Despite sleeping in a queen bed with a big comfy comforter, I've been choosing to sleep with this sleeping bag instead because it's that comfortable.  The slippery feeling and lightness of this sleeping bag is awesome.  I adore this sleeping bag!

    *Complimentary product received in order to create this review.
  • Small but mighty Bag
    Scotqt818 on August 24, 2015
    This was the perfect summer camp sleeping bag for my daughter.  LOVED the small size that was easy for her to roll up and store.  Worked great even in the somewhat cool New Hampshire nights.  Highly recomend!