Ohuhu Upgraded Watercolor Brush Markers Pens Set, 36 Colors
Explore the full potential of watercolors with the bonus water brush pen which allows you to create amazing blending techniques right on the paper! Outfitted with a high-quality nylon brush tip, it won’t break down easily and helps smoothen your watercolor lines.
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5 / 5
  • Good to have
    Sogno January 22, 2020
    This is what I’ve been looking for for a long time, very good brushes! Vivid colors, fluent painting, I like it very much!
  • Amazing Water color pens
    Leah January 21, 2020
    These water color pens are Amazing! An extra bonus the paper pad that came with it! To me they are very easy to use. I love them!
  • Excellent
    Jenn January 19, 2020
    Excellent! Second time to purchase these! Will probably purchase again too.
  • Watercolor Markers
    Amazon Customer January 16, 2020
    I love the colors so much I bought two sets.
  • Beautiful brush pens, awesome customer service!
    Brianna Beavers January 15, 2020
    My review of the quality of these brushes will be similar to others because these pens are fantastic! Fun to use and a good assortment of vibrant colors. I'm still learning how to utilize them by trying different techniques, but my experience so far has been wonderful.

    Even more wonderful is their customer service! I know Ohuhu isn't a super huge company, but I thought I'd reach out when my water brush was accidentally thrown away. It was absolutely no fault of Ohuhu's, but I asked if it was possible to send me a replacement brush - I even offered to pay for it. I was just bummed out that I lost a brand new brush so quickly. They explained that they couldn't send me a replacement because they don't carry the individual parts in their warehouse, so instead they sent me a whole new kit! Like wow. I didn't expect that at all, but how kind of them! I really appreciate this company and where it's headed - I will always be an Ohuhu fan!
  • Good birthday gift
    Mengkong January 11, 2020
    We’ll packed and fast delivered. It’s easily packed up as a present. The birthday girl likes this birthday present very much.
  • My kids love it!
    sunnychen January 9, 2020
    It is so good! It's efficient and is refillable. Regular paint brushes make huge messes while this doesn't have to use water. The color book's pages are thick, The packet is well shielded. My son loves it!
  • Nice product
    Lzhao02 January 7, 2020
    Nice product, worth of the trying. Great gift for the kids for holiday gift.
  • Great item
    Allyntrl January 6, 2020
    I got these markers for my niece she absolutely love them there was no mass she was able to color and make different calligraphy with no problems
  • Really cool set for the marker enthusiast
    Gjenv January 6, 2020
    My daughter really liked this set. She originally had just asked for a brush tip marker but this offered the ability to paint watercolor with a marker. Very interesting and so far, she’s made beautiful art with it!
Experience why Ohuhu Team raves about the quality and value of the upgraded watercolor brush pens with the Premium Nylon Brush Tip! ⁠Soft tip and flexible line. It gives you a sense of total control and precision.⁠ Art, @rosies.sketchbook #ohuhuwatercolorbrushpen
It's the season. Winter comes along, and times fly by. Nature is full of genius, full of the divinity; so that not a snowflake escapes its fashioning hand. Art credit, @rosies.sketchbook
"Compared to the 48 set I used before there are a lot of new lighter/neutral colors, especially in the blue, green, and grey ranges! (Yay!) The new colors honestly add SO much more utility to this set 💙💚" Art by, @chelseagracei
Messy Beauty featuring the randomness effect of the Water-based pens. 😍 Art by, @roberta_rindone ⁠
Love the pastel colors! ⁠ Art by, @pabkins⁠
Wear beautiful clothes and have a good day! Art by, @roberta_rindone ⁠
When the Autumn slowly has the taste of Winter.⁠ ⁠ Art credit, @rosies.sketchbook⁠ 🍂 🍁 🏔️


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